Failed to install W7

  skeletal 14:39 17 Aug 2009

I have another thread running ATM click here

in which I ask for comments on over-writing a dodgy Vista dual boot installation, and whether anyone who has such a dodgy Vista installation has successfully loaded up W7.

Some kind folk have given me enough info for me to try to do an install, but no Vista “failures” have come forward yet!

I’ve started this thread because I think I may be moving my Vista fail to W7 fail!

I am booting from a DVD and this is what happens:

I see a screen with a white bar and “Windows is loading flies”;
Then a screen “Starting Windows” with four coloured balls that turn into the flag symbol;
Then a blue screen showing a few swirls etc., a small white bird and a cursor. At first the cursor responds to the mouse, but after a minute or so it freezes.

At this point everything stops and there is no hint of any activity on the DVD drive or hard drive. After about 5-10 minutes I gave up and rebooted.

Same story up to the blue/white bird screen. I again waited for over 5 minutes and was about to re-boot again when another screen appeared where you select languages.

This I did and another screen appeared “Setup is starting”.

Again everything freezes, e.g. the Vista-like torus does not rotate.

This time, I waited for over 10 minutes with nothing happening, and re-booted to post this thread!


Are these incredible long freezes normal and should I be more patient?
Up to now, I have not had the option to load W7 into a specified partition. Will this option come up as I do not want it to install to my C: drive.

Or is W7 incompatible with my computer, just like Vista?


  brundle 18:50 17 Aug 2009

Sounds more like a problem with your DVD drive so far. What media is 7 on? What happens if you download and install VirtualPC 2007 ( click here ) in Vista and install W7 in that, does the same freezing occur, at the same points? click here What version of 7 are you trying to install?

  skeletal 22:13 17 Aug 2009

Thanks brundle. I have never tried virtual PCing before and it looks an interesting idea. I may give it a go...nothing to lose!

With regard to the DVD, I do not think the hardware is at fault, I use the drive almost daily under XP with no problems.

However, I have been doing some searching and it does appear quite a few people are having my problem. One thing I came across is that my SATA controller may be an issue. It looks like it controls both primary and secondary IDE functions and if W7 does not have a driver, it would not work properly. Odd though, that it works well enough to start the process. I don’t know enough about such things to know how serious this could be.

I’m not sure which version it is! This may sound strange but I downloaded it from M$ a few weeks ago, burned to a DVD and then wiped it from the hard-drive to save space. (I wanted to do a full back-up to an external drive, which was small for all the files.) I found a number “MinClient 7077.0” in “cversion.ini” which looks hopeful.

The DVD I burned it to is “Datasafe”.

I am actually not around for a few days now, so although I’d love any further comments, I won’t be able to reply nor actually try these ideas, for a while.


  skeletal 13:40 21 Aug 2009

OK, I’m getting close to giving up!

I installed Virtual Machine and at first thought things were looking good.

I ran the install DVD, in VM and the W7 setup started quickly. Also, very quickly I got past where it last hung and got to the part where it unpacks files.

I waited for the usual hour and decided it had hung.

Because of the niggle about DVD drivers, I thought I’d try to get W7 to load, in VM by choosing to launch from an ISO image.

Because VM had hung I had to use device manager to shut it down (and send the many error files as per usual!).

BUT, upon starting VM and trying to select the ISO image, I got “BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”. Of course pressing these keys makes no difference, nor does resetting VM, nor does rebooting the whole computer. No matter what I do, VM always comes up with that message.

Now what??!!


  GaT7 17:12 21 Aug 2009

Hi skeletal,

Please let us know your motherboard make & model.

Did you try with another DVD / DVD-rw drive? Or, even with different blank media if possible.

The following is to minimise any errors with the ISO file & burning:

- Before burning the disk, did you determine if the integrity of the downloaded ISO was good - i.e. checked its MD5 hash with the original? HashTab is a good tool for this click here. I downloaded mine (the 32-bit RC) from MS & the MD5 hash figure is 8867C13330F56A93944BCD46DCD73590 - what's yours?

- Did you burn the ISO at the slowest speed possible - 1x / 2x? Burning at the slowest minimises errors.


  skeletal 18:00 21 Aug 2009

Motherboard info:

Foxconn 965X7AA

BIOS ID: 01/27/2007-Broadwater-6A79LFKFC-00

As to the DVD questions, I have two DVD drives, one a Read/Writer and one a player. I tried in both.

However, if there is a problem with the disc I think I’m now stuffed as I removed the ISO file from my computer. I was going to re-download it but see that you can no longer do this.

However, I can explore the disc with no problems; I’ve had a quick go at trying to open some of the folders (there are thousands of them!) and all that I’ve tried open OK.

I burned at the fastest speed possible, so oops again!

I assume that the hash value will only be relevant to the ISO file, which, as I say, I no longer have.

I’ve never played with a VM before, but I assume that the boot manger problem is due to the failed W7 installation “wrecking” the VM. Thus, I wonder if I remove the current one, and build another, it may work again? This seems a bit silly as I thought that “Resetting” a VM would be the same as re-installing?


  GaT7 18:30 21 Aug 2009

Yes, unfortunately if there's a slightest error with the file &/or burn, it will not install/install completely or correctly under any circumstances. And these 2 aspects are not always superficially obvious.

You can still download it from various other sites that are still hosting it (e.g. click here), although you'll probably need a torrent client (e.g. µTorrent click here) to do so this time. If the MD5 hash exactly matches Microsoft's 32-bit figure of 8867C13330F56A93944BCD46DCD73590, then it'll be safe to download. I've downloaded files hosted by MyDigitalLife in the past & they've been fine - Win7 at click here.

Yes, it's very important to get both the download & disk burn spot-on for obvious reasons. I learnt the tough way many times in the past with Linux distros! Only after somebody told me specifically about these two aspects that I started getting it right a lot more often. G

  a member 18:58 22 Aug 2009

if your in the UK I can post you a copy .let me know what version ,ie.rc or rtm I have both in 32bit definately working and have rtm in 64bit too.

  skeletal 23:12 22 Aug 2009

Thank you for your kind offer merlinx, however, having spent some time last night, I now have further information.
I managed to download another version from Crossbow7’s links (thanks to Crossbow7as well). I then fired up VM again and tried to install direct from the new ISO file. Again it failed.
I then had the brainwave that the bootmgr problem was due to the virtual disc being corrupt, and all the “resetting” of the VM would have no effect. This turned out to be the problem. I deleted the virtual disc and then used the wizard to build another one. The bootmgr problem went away.
Back to trying to load W7. I retried from the new ISO file but got a new error message along the lines that the system needed a proper bootable disc.
I went back to trying the original “non working” DVD disc, but re-tried in my other drive. Much to my amazement, W7 loaded up!
Not having used VM before, I know I am not particularly good at understanding its foibles, however, I have shown, at least, that the DVD disc, and one of my players worked under VM.
So I’m back to the original quest of trying to understand why W7 won’t load directly. When I get chance, I will try from the DVD player that worked under the VM (note that I think I tried both drives when I was having problems with the virtual disc, so one problem may have masked another).
Thanks for the help so far, however, any further comments welcome.


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