Factory Reset Issue - Asus F5VL Windows 7

  rock_face 13:10 12 Aug 2019

Prior to factory reset, this machine had a dual boot system with Lubuntu. It had a single hard drive with two partitions. I removed all required data from the drives onto a memory stick.

I accessed the ASUS Preload Manager and selected the third option - "Recover Windows to Entire HD With Two Partitions."

I expected this to removed everything back to factory settings, so I was not expecting to see remnants of the Lubuntu OS. From a quick Google it seems to be something to do with the bootloader, but I don't know how to fix the problem.

How do I get it back to a fully Windows OS - i.e. back to factory specification? Have I gone about this incorrectly?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 12 Aug 2019

what were the other options?

  rock_face 09:47 13 Aug 2019
  • Recover Windows to first partition only
  • Recover Windows to entire HD
  • Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions.

I hope this will not have overwritten the Win OS image.

  rock_face 09:49 13 Aug 2019

That didn't format as I expected. Trying again:

  • Recover Windows to first partition only
  • Recover Windows to entire HD
  • Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions.
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:52 13 Aug 2019

use option 2

or wipe the drive and do a clean install of win 7 click here

you can download win 7 from MS click here provided you have the product key

  rock_face 18:48 13 Aug 2019

Can I ask what the difference is? The laptop was originally setup with two partitions on the single disc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 13 Aug 2019

it should then clean the drive to remove the partittions recreate one partition and install windows the rmoving of the two partition should totally wipe the drive and get rid of Ubuntu.

  rock_face 12:43 17 Aug 2019

The computer will only go to the following prompt, which I am unable to get around, any ideas?

error: no such partition Entering rescue mode... grub rescue>

  rock_face 12:45 17 Aug 2019

  • error: no such partition
    • Entering rescue mode...

    • grub rescue>

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:12 17 Aug 2019

Boot from Win 7 DVD or USB USe commamd prompt to run diskprat Clean all to wipe all partitions from the disk click here do a clean install of windows 7.


  grumpy old man 16:25 17 Aug 2019

Hi rock face I cant answer the question but I hope you did not do same as me , I put Ubuntu onto a 7 pc. After trying Unbuntu I just decided it was not for me. Like you I wanted to do factory reset but could not access the recovery console so I tried my windows 7 recovery discs just like you are doing.

When I put my recovery discs in I got a message saying no operating system found. I posted my problem on an Unbuntu forum and the general opinion was that during Unbuntu installation which I did not fully understand I had said yes to too many questions and locked myself out of windows and was told that's why the pc would not read the discs , as I say I hope I am wrong.

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