Eyepatch software won't run on windows 7

  TrevorJames 00:47 11 Aug 2014

With the sad demise of XP I have upgraded to Windows 7. However I have hit a big snag with a piece of software that I use all the time.

The software is called EyeBatch by a company called by Atalasoft. Basically way the programme allowed me to do was automatically process a whole folder of images with any number of effects, including crop by certain number of pixels from edges, watermark, re-size etc.

However try as I might I cannot get the software to install under windows 7. Worse still all my efforts to find an alternative that will run under windows 7 have proven fruitless in all respects except highlighting to me at least, how poor shareware was become.

I'd be very grateful if anyone has had this problem with Eyebatch and managed to over come it or alternatively can recommend a piece of batch processing software that actually works?

Thanks in advance.

  Batch 08:59 14 Aug 2014

I started off with Win7 64Bit but went for 32bit in the end. Not only can I use old drivers for old hardware that I have (and for which there aren't 64bit drivers available), but also I can install and run some very old software (from Win3.1 era) without problem (it wouldn't even install under 64bit).

The only real downside of 32bit is that you are limited to accessing around 3.4GB of memory regardless of how much is physically installed. Unless you really need to use more memory 32bit may work for you.

Surprisingly 32bit uses a lot less disk space, Windows Updates are much smaller and I'm guessing that disk transfers will be a shade quicker (less to move around).

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