Extremely Slow Shutdown

  Anti_Virus 20:10 14 Jul 2008

Hi. I have a new Dell Latitude D630 laptop (almost one week old) and have been, on the most part, very pleased with it. However, the shutdown is extremely slow. It's at least 3 and a half minutes, probably more (I haven't timed it exactly). When you have a laptop and you're waiting almost 5 minutes just so you can close the lid, it really is very annoying, and shouldn't be something you have to put up with, so I would really like some help in solving this.

I can't actually pin point when I started noticing the long shutdown time, so I couldn't tell you whether it's a piece of software that's causing the problem. I also installed all the latest updates (including SP1) as soon as I turned it on for the first time, so wouldn’t know which of them, if it is any of them, could be causing the problem.

I have looked on PCA and Google for other cases of slow vista shutdown, and the only solution I could find was to change the WaitToKill registry key from 20000 to something smaller. I have tried that, but to no avail. I changed it to 5000, 4000, and 3000, but on each occasion, didn't notice a difference in the lengthy shutdown time. So, is there any other way I can get to the bottom of this? Help would be appreciated, and I thank you in advance.

  skidzy 21:41 14 Jul 2008

As this is a Dell its probably loaded with various programs from the off.

Now you can reduce the startup programs from MSCONFIG,this may help.
I am guessing its a software issue,untick a few programs you recognise but not your synaptics or antivirus.If you have a third party firewall installed,leave this ticked also.

In your start box,type

MSCONFIG and enter.

Agree to the UAC prompts.
And select startup and untick those you may recognise and ok,goto General and do the same under selective startup.ok and reboot the computer.

Things like the below can be safely removed from startup;

Google toolbar
some of the protection if freeware and not have realtime scanners etc.

Burning apps
Mobile phone software.

The list is endless.

  chub_tor 21:43 14 Jul 2008

You could try using this too click here it is in Control Panel

  Anti_Virus 22:31 14 Jul 2008

Hi. Thaks for your replies. I'm afraid though that I'd already tried both of your proposed solutions. I've already installed all the programs that came preinstalled with the machine, and have also stripped out all the unnesasary startup programs, so the only ones are for Windows, Norton Internet Security, and all the important drivers. I have also been on the link you gave. chub_tor. Unfortunately, Windows wasn't reporting that it had noticed the extremely long shutdowns.

Sorry to report the bad news. I really appreciate the replies though. Any other suggestions would be great.

  Anti_Virus 22:32 14 Jul 2008

Sorry, I meant to say "I've already UNinstalled all the programs that came preinstalled with the machine.....". Not that it helps.

  skidzy 22:49 14 Jul 2008

Then i would for now...point the finger at Norton !

You are cleaning up after your uninstallations ?

  peter99co 14:43 15 Jul 2008

Ditch Norton with a norton removal tool and get a better anti virus program. Norton options should be checked if you want to keep it. It is probably doing some check on closedown.

  Anti_Virus 15:54 15 Jul 2008

Hi. That's not really an option for me to be honest, having paid for a years subscription to NIS 2008. I'm not sure myself, though, that Norton is the culprit. I have looked everywhere in all it's settings, and couldn't find anything it was performing at shutdown and could be affecting the shutdown time. I also have NIS2008 installed on two other sytems, one XP and the other Vista, and neither of them take the same amount of time to shut down, and all three have the same Norton settings, so I'm not convinced it is Norton that's causing the problem.

I thought it was something to do with Windows, due to the fact it was stuck on the Windows Shutting Down "Circle-Thing" screen for so long. Is that not the case? Any other suggestions would be appreciated, as, like I said, removing Norton is a great option, and I'm not sure Norton is indeed the culprit.

  Anti_Virus 15:58 15 Jul 2008

Oh and also, to skidz, I am cleaing up after unistallations. At least I'm using Ccleaner's registry scan, which seems to be very good. Any other ideas?

  sunny staines 16:38 15 Jul 2008

i avoided slow shut down by running ccleaner prior to shutdown each night.

  Anti_Virus 16:43 15 Jul 2008

I've been doing that already, ever since I really noticed the slow shutdown I've been running Ccleaner before shutting down Vista, but to no effect. I can't find a single reason on my system as to why it's taking so long to shut down.

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