Extremely slow boot up and frequent inactivity

  Rebuilt 14:34 02 Oct 2013

I have a Compaq laptop with Win7 that is set up with multiple accounts (mine is in use most of the time) and the PC stays on most of the time. Over a period of time it has become very sluggish when changing accounts (up to 5 miniutes sitting on wallpaper before icons appear) and then needs at least 10 minutes to settle down before it will respond to simple things like opening a browser window. It remembers you have asked and will open it eventually but after a long period of appearing to do nothing. The browser (firefox) has been hanging up from time to time as well and it seems generally sluggish and unresponsive. I have tried rebooting the computer and it takes about 30 minutes - mostly sitting on the 'starting windows' screen. I tried a second time in case it was resolving anything but with the same timing. I have looked at the programs running in task manager and I cant see anything obviously wrong - but there are a lot that I don't know. CPU load does not seem high (bouncing between 3% to 20%).

Any idea of a cause and, more importantly, how I can go about finding a solution.

  Rebuilt 16:10 02 Oct 2013

Thanks for your advice. As a first step I checked the drivers and was surprised to see the Laptop itself was showing a driver problem. I went into troubleshooter and it tells me 'There is a problem with the driver for File as Volume Driver' However, clicking on the 'Apply this Fix' results in it searching for a long time and then failing to fix the problem.

Have you any idea what this means?

  Number six 22:40 02 Oct 2013

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