Extracting missing drivers from recovery partition

  betrachter23 09:24 17 Jun 2018

Hi everyone, here´ s my problem:

a friend bought a Laptop on Amazon, chinese brand, never heard of. It stopped working because somehow Windows downloaded update after update without wiping anything and eventually the whole hard disk was full. Only thing that worked was a new install of Windows 10- did this, everything works excdept for ethernet & audio cards. I tried everything to find those drivers; no luck. Most sites are in chinese which doesn't really help, so my question is:

is it possible to retrieve the original drivers from the - still untouched - recovery partition? If so, how to do this? I forgot most of my Windows skills, using Linux for quite some time now, so working with a terminal is a pain at the moment :o(

I'd be glad if someone could point me in the right direction here. Would be a real shame if we couldn't revive this machine, it's actually quite nice. Thanks!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:53 17 Jun 2018

It really depends on what was used to create the recovery image. Once you know that then you can mount the image and possibly extract the drivers.

What files are showing in the recovery drive .xxx?

  betrachter23 13:11 17 Jun 2018

It's the original recovery file from the manufacturer, stored on a separate partition. I'm deleting the .old-crap right now (19GB!), i will boot with a Linux live disk and take a look at that partition.

I do not really know what i'm looking for though, are drivers still stored in the same directories, and what is the file extension i am looking for...?

thanks for your replys so far, it's really appreciated!

  mole44 05:46 19 Jun 2018

I use a program called Acronis this clones your drive in the event of a failure all you need to do is swap drives and your computer is back to the the time you last cloned it.A drive swap is far easier then a reinstall and i've done both.

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