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Extending wireless signal in house.

  anniesboy68 14:56 29 Apr 2015

I have a Netgear superhub VH 2.5 VMDG490 Wireless router [supplied by Virgin] in my computer room upstairs. How can I extend the wireless signal to my conservatory, please? The signal out there is weak. Using no leads of course!!

  Gordon Freeman 15:32 29 Apr 2015

You need a wireless extender kit which will give you wifi without any cables. If you google that then there'll be multiple options which come up.

I have a Devolo wifi extender and can recommend that brand. Gist is that you plug one adapter into a power skt upstairs where your router is, and then connect it to your router via ethernet lead, which comes with the kit. The other adapter then plugs into your mains power skt downstairs and forms a local network which transmits your wifi signal. In short, it uses your mains wiring to transmit the wifi signal.

  anniesboy68 15:54 29 Apr 2015

Hi Gordon, thank you. I see that there are various makes, some avaulable from Argos. I was concerned that I might have to have a lead running to the conservatory. Thanks once again. AB68

  wee eddie 12:44 30 Apr 2015

So long as you have a mains socket in the Conservatory, any of the Homeplug style sets will do the job with no extra wiring

  anniesboy68 14:09 30 Apr 2015

Cheers Wee Eddie. Yes thanks I have four available. AB68

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