Experiencing Really Slow Boot Up of Laptop

  rwjasso 02:14 17 Oct 2013

I've been running Win 7 Home premium for a little over a year and half. In the last two months the boot up has become excessive long. It is now taking over 2 minutes just to get to the log on screen then about 4 minutes for my desktop to complete setup. It then seem to require another 2 minutes after my wi-fi to be stable enough to open a browser. I have run hardware diagnostic and find no hardware issues. I have run Malwarebyte and CCleaner found very little issues that have been taken care of. I use Security Essential as my AV. Checking my disk for fragmentation show only 1%. Another symptom is that it is taking an excessively long time for software to be installed. I have no idea what else to check. I've been looking for the boot log to see if I can see what is happening, no luck in finding them.

  wee eddie 03:48 17 Oct 2013

I also run MSE and am now worried that it is no longer regarded as being anywhere close to adequate. Even Microsoft have admitted this, so I'm told.

So I have 2 suggestions. Add Spybot S&D and run a scan, that picked up a Trojan that Malwarebytes had missed on my PC.

It is probably, also, worth running McAfee's Stinger, although, in recommending this I am above my pay-grade.

Then you may have to consider replacing MSE with another of the Free AVs. I am not competent to make a recommendation there.

  northumbria61 11:56 17 Oct 2013

I have recently repaired a friend's laptop running Vista that had similar problems to what you are experiencing. I removed the RAM from both slots and re-seated them which did the trick in this case, something you might like to try.

  woodchip 22:47 18 Oct 2013

You need to check what is being started at boot and kill some of them, as its not needed for most programs to start at boot in XP it could be controlled by using MSCONFIG from the run box then go to startup tab and remove ticks from programs that do not need to start, also anti-virus may be updating its self if Avast like mine is, all these slow your boot down

  rdave13 23:32 18 Oct 2013

Once Win 7 has loaded check task manager to see what's using resources. Check programs and features for any unknown programs and uninstall. I disagree that you should disable start-up programs as these are usual to the OS unless it shows as something you haven't knowingly installed. Manually scan the PC with your security programs. Check your security suit, if you have one, as that might well be the culprit.

  nickf 08:30 21 Oct 2013

Sounds like a possible RAM issue , run memtest86 to test it . As previous poster suggested , just reseating each module may cure the problem . Also make sure it is as clean as possible , fans ate not blocked and working correctly .

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