excel 2003 does not work properly

  kyle6241 03:43 14 Jun 2018

office 2003 loaded normal on windows 10 and it seems that everything but excel works

I have 2 computers with windows 10 the other one has 2002 office on it and works very nice this computer office 2002 excel would not work right so I ordered office 2003 and it has the same problem

you can inter anything you want in sell [a-1] but it will not let you put any entry in cell [b-1] it just locks up and shut down

waiting for suggestions Kyle

  kyle6241 21:20 24 Jun 2018

[[OPEN OFFICE 2018 For Microsoft Window Home Student Professional Suite 2013 2016]]

what can anyone tell me about this office program??

  wee eddie 21:35 24 Jun 2018

Give us a link to where it's coming from

  kyle6241 23:23 24 Jun 2018

I found it on amazon and ebay

click here

  wee eddie 23:35 24 Jun 2018

According to Google, it's free

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