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excel 2003 does not work properly

  kyle6241 03:43 14 Jun 2018

office 2003 loaded normal on windows 10 and it seems that everything but excel works

I have 2 computers with windows 10 the other one has 2002 office on it and works very nice this computer office 2002 excel would not work right so I ordered office 2003 and it has the same problem

you can inter anything you want in sell [a-1] but it will not let you put any entry in cell [b-1] it just locks up and shut down

waiting for suggestions Kyle

  wee eddie 18:21 22 Jun 2018

Just dump M$ Office and down load Libre Office. It's compatible, very similar and free.

  kyle6241 20:39 22 Jun 2018

Just dump M$ Office and down load Libre Office. It's compatible, very similar and free.


  wee eddie 21:10 22 Jun 2018

Of course it has a Spreadsheet that is compatible with Excel and Windows 10. It also has a Word Processor and a Database

  wiganken2 08:31 23 Jun 2018

I used Libre Office (LO) and whilst it can open existing Excel files it loses all the Excel formatting and cell contents became simple alpha-numeric characters. For example suppose an Excel cell "A2" contained the formula "=B3+B5" and the answer in "A2" was "8" then, in LO, the formula was replaced by the character "8" and so any changes to cells B3 or B5 did not affect cell "A2" which they should have done. LO is probably good for new spreadsheets but not for working with existing Excel files. I had a few Excel files so I was forced to go back to MS Office.

  wiganken2 08:35 23 Jun 2018

P.S. I do not accept Contact Requests. Sorry, but it is too risky in this day and age.

  wee eddie 11:40 23 Jun 2018

response to your email. If you download LibreOffice > Copy and Paste one of your Spreadsheets > Open the Copy in LibreOffice > If you don't like what you find > No loss.

p.s. I have never heard of Wiggi's problem, so I can't comment

  kyle6241 03:31 24 Jun 2018

thanks everbody what can you all tell me about [[open office 2018 ]]

  Taff™ 11:19 24 Jun 2018

Well, its free so worth a try. I have had no problem using it to open and work on existing files created in Excel. The only thing I find is that you still have to learn where some of the Menu items are but all the main ones are pretty obvious.

When you install do the main Program first THEN the Help Package. During the first one opt for the Custom Install NOT Typical. You associate everything with the MS Office equivalents and choose .XML formats which are the latest MS formats.

Good luck.

  kyle6241 12:51 24 Jun 2018

yesterday I had answers and questions on page 3 I closed the website last night and now today I only have 2 pages how can I look at my page 3 that was there yesterday?? Kyle

  wee eddie 13:49 24 Jun 2018

2 of your answers were from Spammers and their links were not kosher.

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