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excel 2003 does not work properly

  kyle6241 03:43 14 Jun 2018

office 2003 loaded normal on windows 10 and it seems that everything but excel works

I have 2 computers with windows 10 the other one has 2002 office on it and works very nice this computer office 2002 excel would not work right so I ordered office 2003 and it has the same problem

you can inter anything you want in sell [a-1] but it will not let you put any entry in cell [b-1] it just locks up and shut down

waiting for suggestions Kyle

  mole44 05:03 14 Jun 2018

My golden rule is to try reinstall

  kyle6241 11:42 14 Jun 2018

I have uninstalled and reinstalled more than once Kyle

  Taff™ 14:51 14 Jun 2018

Locate the Excel.exe Application file and right click it - try Compatibility Mode for Windows Vista.

In truth I have never got Office 2003 to run properly in Windows 7 never mind Windows 10. Outlook wouldn't play the game for me but Office 2010 works though!

  Forum Editor 19:46 14 Jun 2018

Office 2003 is not certified as compatible with Windows 10.

It may run in compatibility mode, as suggested by Taff™, but don't count on it.

  kyle6241 04:40 22 Jun 2018

first of all it still dose not work


I have used office 2002 for many years using it in a lot of windows versions and on my other laptop it had 8 on it when I bought and 2002 worked normal then I put windows 10 on the laptop and 2002 worked normal.....excel worked normal

I never give it a thought but what THIS LAPTOP I bought with windows 10 would work the same as the other laptop with windows 10 ...

well anyhow excel 2002 wouldn't work on this laptop so I done some searching and found on google that 2003 sure would work so I ordered office 2003 and it has the same problem as office 2002.


you CAN enter numbers in sell [A-1] but it will not let you put any numbers in cell [B-1] it just locks up and shut down

when you enter letters or text in [A-1] than you can enter text in [B-1] but when you go to [C-1] you can not put in numbers....

I know this is a strange one to say the least


  wiganken2 09:29 22 Jun 2018

Have you tried going into "View" / "Page Break Preview" mode and see if the problem still happens in that view? Also why are you using Office 2003 version? It is sooo out of date for use on Windows 10. Why not buy Office 2013 or 2016? You can buy quite cheap on Amazon. See click here I know the UI is a lot different on later versions than on 2003 but it's worth some effort to keep up. I am 72 and still learning. :o)

  wiganken2 09:35 22 Jun 2018

P.S. For information only: - I always use "Page Break Preview" for working in and not just for "Preview" purposes because like to see where the page breaks as I work. This allows me to ensure calculations carry over to the next sheet at a convenient place as I work rather than discovering later that I need to adjust the page breaks should I wish to print anything off.

  kyle6241 14:52 22 Jun 2018

thankyou for the suggestion I am 77 and have kept up pretty good on the windows versions even thought when I learn to do it one way I hate to have to learn it all over again I am a slow learner

as to excel 2002 and my bookkeeping the older versions do everything I need done and I don't have to learn the new ones I don't figure I will live long enough any more to worry about the new ones........ However if that is what I have to do I can do it. I was in hopes that someone knew just how to fix my problem easily...

I still use an old computer with windows XP on if I create a new file in office 2013 will I be able to open and make changes it in my older computer with office 2002??

  wiganken2 16:10 22 Jun 2018

I take it that using Excel in "Page Break Preview" mode didn't work then? As regards your question "if I create a new file in office 2013 will I be able to open and make changes to it in my older computer with office 2002?": - You will be able to open and edit these in Excel 2002 as long as you save your files as "Excel 97-2003 Workbook, .xls" format.

  Housten 17:45 22 Jun 2018

Taff, Good Afternoon, My wife got Office 2003 Professional whilst she was working at the local hospital. We have never had any problems with it and I use it all the time on my Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 computer. I will not be switching to another as I am too old now.

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