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  keith mac 16:33 12 Apr 2011

EAC allows gapless recording of multiple tracks - vital to maintain music flow on certain CDs

I couldn't find a W7 64 Bit compatible version of EAC when I last looked online - the version I have works fine on 32 Bit Vista.

Does anyone know if there's a W7 64 bit version anywhere - or equivalent gapless recording software?

  Number six 23:57 15 Apr 2011

Hi Keith. From my experience all CD audio ripping and burning programs (including Windows Media player) have an option to remove gaps or silences inserted between tracks. I found this to be a good alternative to EAC

click here

  keith mac 09:00 16 Apr 2011

thanks #6 I'm downloading the recommended software and will give it a try....

The problem is not that I need to remove gaps but rather that I need to avoid introducing short gaps formed when ripping to .mp3 etc. with the software I've used up to press - including MediaPlayer.

I'm no teccie but as the tracks are recoded from the CD waveform to MP3 or WMA , the constant flow of music gets slightly broken at the nominal track marks on the CD, resulting in a small pause which ruins the continuous flow of music found on the original CD recording.

It's only noticeable when there are originally no breaks at all in the music flow. EAC will record totally without gaps at the expense of being unable to access individual tracks (no problem for me) but was only available in 32 Bit - and I've got 64 Bit W7.

  Number six 01:18 17 Apr 2011

If I have understood you correctly, what you need to do is:

1) rip the tracks from your CD to WAV files

2) join the individual WAV files to form one long file (check that this file plays seamlessly without gaps) then

3) convert this to MP3/WMA

There are plenty of free programs out there (do a google search) which can join WAV's and convert to other formats. Hope this helps and good luck!

  keith mac 07:23 17 Apr 2011

Thanks but that suggestion would make the process longer.

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