every file is saved to my pictues folder

  JPSD 09:47 21 Oct 2013

Can anyone help me with this? Whenever I save a file, could be word, excel or a pdf, I get an extra copy saved in my pictures folder. running windows 7. Can't see anything relevant in the control panel thanks John

  chub_tor 10:24 21 Oct 2013

How are doing the Save? Is this while you are in an Office Programme such as Word and just clicking on Save or the Save Icon? If so you can set the location by going to File, Options, Save and select the location.

  wee eddie 13:01 21 Oct 2013

Are you sure that it's not the Library that these secondary copies are being placed, in which case, it's only a short cut.

  JPSD 14:21 21 Oct 2013

Hi Eddie I think you are right, it's hard to be sure, but if I click on the file image in the pictures folder and then 'save as' it shows the correct file location. So maybe this means it is a shortcut. But I still don't understand why the shortcut to files is appearing in my pictures folder

  wee eddie 14:47 21 Oct 2013

My own views on Libraries are rather less than complementary.

However, I believe that each Library can be set to display a particular type of Document. How this is done, or altered is not my forte, but I'm sure that someone else will come up with the goods

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