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Error when trying to download W10 2004

  Govan1x 14:57 05 Jul 2020

Thought that i had enough of waiting and decided to update to Windows 2004 using Microsoft website to download it.

But near the end it said computer would not restart and i got the error code 0xc0020036.

I have noticed recently that using msconfig to get into safe mode the computer would not restart automatically which it used to do. Is that the same for everyone or just me. I had to restart manually for it to change.

Just wondered if that was maybe a problem for me. Am I just better waiting for Windows update to dowload it for me eventually.

  john bunyan 15:30 05 Jul 2020

Entirely up to you but I just checked weekly on Settings, updates until the new version was offered. I suspect there are tweaks happening as they solve issues with various PC components. Why not wait a while and just check if updates are available?

  Govan1x 16:52 05 Jul 2020

Ok probably a good idea JB. It is an old computer now so maybe best waiting.

  Peter~24 18:05 05 Jul 2020

I updated an HP EliteBook 8570w (about 5 years old, originally Windows 7 Pro) to Windows 10 Pro 2004 yesterday after being offered the update and all appears to have gone quite well.

A Windows 7 style version of Freecell, which had been adjusted to run under Windows 10 just disappeared. Re-installed it and all is okay again.

The Windows Old folder contains 210,162 files, which occupy 28.5 GB of disk space so be careful to ensure you have enough free disk space before you try this update.


  Govan1x 00:30 06 Jul 2020


Thanks for the info my computer is about 8 years old now. I have had great wear out of it as it was not an expensive desktop.

It does say getting ready to download the 2004 version but not till they were ready to supply it.

Probably not happy that I have disabled the new version of edge as i believe they want us all to use it.

So will give it another couple of weeks to see if they push it my way. Thanks for taking an interest.

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