error message 0x80041004 MS gameserver connection

  David S. 17:39 30 Nov 2015

Dear experts, Pls excuse my ignorance of this site and how it works. I have windows 7 on an Intel i5 processor and 64bit something! I have had an intermittent problem which is now permanent re: error message 0x80041004 when trying to connect to MS internet games. I've tried switching on/off through 'programmes and features' then re-booting but to no effect. Could anyone pls. advise an 'idiot proof' solution? Thank you in hope. David S.

  xania 12:35 01 Dec 2015

Please take a look at this url - you have to go some way down before you find the answer (clearly you are not alone):

click here

  David S. 16:57 01 Dec 2015

I have tried to email a thank you to 'Xania' but I don't think that it actually got sent - don't know why. Thank you 'Xania'. I've tried the 'programmes and features +re-boot' several times and it doesn't work for me and, it would appear, for many others either. Could anyone help please? Many thx. David S.

  xania 09:13 02 Dec 2015

Hi David.

It seems that this is a much wider problem then first expected, with many sites now saying its a Microsoft problem and they need to fix it. I did see one person suggesting that their problem vanished when they did a recent Windows update, so perhaps you need to ensure your system is up-to-date, but otherwise, at present, be comforted that you are not alone. Sorry that I cannot be more positive. More people with problems and no real solutions:

click here

  David S. 16:30 03 Dec 2015

Many thx. Xania for your time input. I have made some connections over the last 24hrs but also had interruptions during a game and halfway towards games actually starting. I will close my question now, if I can figure out how to :-), and await Microsoft coming up with a solution. In terms of updates... the only one I haven't taken up (yet) is Windows 10 which might/might not fix the MS games connection problem. Thank you again. David S.

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