Error Code 0x80070241

  s99Raj 22:31 01 Feb 2007

I have checked whether my PC is capable of running Vista using the compatibility tool from the Microsoft website and no upgrade issues were identified. I wish to install Vista Ultimate on a spearate hard drive.

I start Windows XP, insert the DVD into my DVD drive and the autorun feature kicks in and I am given the option to check my system’s compatibility or install Vista. I choose Install Vista. I am prompted to enter my product key, which I do, and the screen then changes to the user acceptance agreement. I accept the agreement and I am then given the option of doing an Upgrade or Custom install. I choose the latter and the installation process beings. A window opens which says that “windows is copying files (0%)…” After several seconds this process aborts and an error message pops up:

“Windows cannot copy files required for installation. The files may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code 0x80070241.”

I've also tried copying the files onto the hard disc and running the installation from there but get the same Error Code.

Having Googled this Error Code I see that a lot of people have had the same problem, but has anyone found a real working solution yet?

  Forum Editor 22:40 01 Feb 2007

and I'm afraid I don't have the answer as yet.

One suggestion - made by a Microsoft support person - is that the installation DVD may be faulty. It's a possibility, I'll admit, but personally I don't think it's a probability.

Have you tried selecting the ugrade option?

  s99Raj 22:45 01 Feb 2007

I haven't tried the upgrade option because that's not what I want.

I want to keep XP and have a dual boot system with Vista on a physically spearate hard drive.

Could Microsoft really be selling faulty DVDs in the shops for at least £100? That's a cause for some big complaints.

  Forum Editor 23:20 01 Feb 2007

there's always the possibility that some will be faulty, and of those a few will slip through the post-manufacturing test and slip into the market.

Your chances of getting such a DVD are very sall indeed, so don't go jumping to conclusions. You can always try taking the DVD back to the retailer and asking for a replacement if you're unhappy, but as I said earlier, I don't think it likely that this is the cause.

If you don't want to try the upgrade option you're a bit stuck - at the moment I have no constructive suggestions.

  anskyber 23:47 01 Feb 2007

As a very poor ill educated guess it seems you have tried a separate install rather than an upgrade which in effect overwrites the installed XP.

There is quite a debate going on about whether such a "fresh" install is possible from an upgrade DVD as opposed to a full retail copy. It's probably my red herring.

  Chris-347369 08:21 02 Feb 2007

Back in my XP days if I ever tried to do an install by putting the CD in the drive while already in Windows i'd always get BSOD.

The only way I could get the install to work was by booting my PC from the CD. It might be worth giving that a try

  Coltch 08:40 02 Feb 2007

I remember the same thing happening with my Beta2 download (although it was a clean install i was doing), turned out to be a dodgy DVD burn.

  Newuser38 10:02 02 Feb 2007

Is the hard drive on which you aim to put Vista completely clean? clean formatted and etc. I had similar problems with RC1 and that seemed to crack the problem.

Seperate issue but to be watched I then had problems dual booting with Windows 2000Pro on the other hard drive.Still not solved.

There are others who have already dual booted and maybe they will pick up your query.

  s99Raj 19:42 04 Feb 2007

I've tried installing it on a clean formatted hard drive, and as an upgrade on two separate computers. Each time, I get the same error code and since a lot of other people seem to be getting the same code with their Vistas too sems to suggest there may be a common solution. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

  Totally-braindead 19:52 04 Feb 2007

I think perhaps you should read this click here from what they are saying it is not possible to do a clean install using an upgrade disk and this may well be the problem as others have already mentioned.
You mention trying to install it one two seperate computers as an upgrade. If you are trying to upgrade the XP to Vista and the XP was registered then according to what is said on the thread I gave a link to it should work. But if the copy of XP isn't registered or you are trying to leave XP on it and create a dual boot system it will not work with an upgrade disk only with a full version.

  s99Raj 22:50 04 Feb 2007

If by "registered" you mean "activated", then Yes, it was a clean install of XP pro, with SP2 added and activated.

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