Entered wrong email address for Microsoft Account

  Andymanhattan 05:53 24 May 2017

I bought a new computer and accidentally entered the wrong email address when prompted to create a Microsoft Account.

I cannot change it in Windows 10, as I must first verify the original (wrong) email via a code sent to my wrong email address. Now, how can I access the verification code if I cannot access the wrong email address, which may actually belong to someone else, right?

I must change the wrong email address, but I'm not allowed to do this until I first verify that I own the wrong email address. Crazy...

Can someone please help.


  Kristeen Carter 13:26 24 May 2017

Try this out...

I think the wrong email address that you have mentioned while “Login In” is an existing valid email ID which somebody might be using, otherwise Microsoft wouldn’t have allowed you to get so far. Alternatively, you can try the below given method:

  1. Login to your Microsoft account on microsoft.com with your (wrong) email and go for password change option.
  2. Now, you can select a mobile phone number or alternate email address to get the verification for password change.

See if you can login and change the password. New password is what you needed at the end. After this I would suggest you to setting up the PC with a local account. Create new Microsoft account with the correct email address and add it to the PC and remove the account with wrong email address.

  Archonar 14:08 24 May 2017

If you were specifically "creating" an account, then the email address will not be someone else's - it would have thrown up an error that the email address is already in use.

I would also say try logging in on the microsoft website and try and change the email through that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:20 24 May 2017

where you are trying to verify the account and it is asking to send code to email

use the down arrow on the box and select text or call and the code will be sent to your phone.

  BRYNIT 17:05 24 May 2017

If you have just brought a new computer and entered a wrong email address when setting it up why not just restore it to factory default and start again. Instructions should be in the instruction manual.

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