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  MPN1A 18:05 08 Sep 2018

Microsoft repeatedly installs this on my W10 (Home) computer. It can't be removed via Windows or Revo uninstaller. Fortunately, CCleaner gets rid of it. In the past it has altered my keyboard from UK to US but today's unwanted installation hasn't done that. Anyone else experiencing this nuisance?

  MPN1A 18:07 08 Sep 2018

Sorry. This should have been in Windows Help.

  Forum Editor 18:50 08 Sep 2018

No need to apologise, it's easily done.

Moved to Windows Help from Tech Helproom.

  KEITH 1955 11:51 10 Sep 2018

I had the language issue with one of the widows 1803 updates , you may have noticed some other odd things , go to shop sites such as amazon and your on the usa version and the clue is prices are in $ , this can be fixed in the same place you get the English language pack back , the easiest way to see if an update has altered something is to print the @ symbol , if the key prints something else recheck what language your on.

  MPN1A 18:49 10 Sep 2018

Sometimes when the keyboard has been changed I see in the notification area ENG. Clicking this gives a pop-up which allows return to UK keyboard.

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