Endless Windows 7 problems

  PCOL 00:01 27 Nov 2012

Hi there, new to all of this but please bear with me. I am an avid XP user and reluctantly moved to Windows7 as a second bootable operating system (two harddrives each op on it's own drive). Where to start:

On installing a full retail copy of W7: Blue screen after first install (5 more blue screens since). Won't dual boot. First DVD drive not seen by W7 (indentical to second DVD drive, both seen by BIOS). Slowed the DVD drive down to a crawl when accessing it. Occassionaly see's only one keyboard of two (both USB devices). Harddrive light stays lit continously (never flashes or goes out). Turns second harddrive off (until accessed). I have not set any power save modes. Importing Outlook 6 into live mail does not work, doesn't see a vaild pst file although it is there. Downloads & updates Windows update files although set for download only. Getting problem notifications on almost a daily basis but when I click to look for a solution the window disappears and nothing happens, ever and the problem seems to have gone away, by magic I think. Keep getting messages that my hardware has changed, nothing has changed for the last two years. There you go, and believe me this is only the start, something new pops up almost every day. Points to bear in mind: Second time I've installed W7 now, none of these issues appear in XP, after running the pre-W7 install compatibilty programme (before installing W7) no issue's where found except my outdated Office suit wouldn't work and my scanner wouldn't work either and all of friends W7 PC's have no issue's' with W7! I'd just like to get rid of it but unfortuantly many off my new games won't work without it. I also have to consider updating to Windows 8, but if that is just a front end change to W7 I don't want to go anywhere near it. Any help appreciated (not much hair left now to pull out).

  lotvic 01:08 27 Nov 2012

I am not sure what you mean by this "Occassionaly see's only one keyboard of two (both USB devices)" ? I have never heard of having two keyboards connected at the same time... maybe I have misunderstood what you mean.

May I suggest you start again and follow this guide


  PCOL 23:30 27 Nov 2012

lotvic, thankyou for your response. Yes I do have two keyboards, always have, one for everyone's daily use and one for gaming only. If you think about it it's just another USB device so technically there should be no reason for it not to work, again though no issues using two on XP. I did follow the Microsoft way of dual booting but I will check out the link you attached, thanks.

  PCOL 23:37 27 Nov 2012

dr yes, thankyou also for a reply. I will check the drive but again it is an indentical drive as the other and I rotate their use regularly, i.e. the first install of W7 was on the other drive (now XP) so now the W7 install is on the second drive. I will rotate again next time I re-install. All my connections/loose cabling are tied neatly to available anchor points (I hate messy wiring).

  PCOL 23:45 27 Nov 2012

Maybe I should have been a bit clearer. When I say 'I'm new to all of this' I do mean to all of this forum business and it is a problem with W7 not my software programs that are on there, these problems showed up after installing W7 only, I had no other software on the PC. I have built and maintained all manor of low end and high end computers over the years and usually have no issues with Windows installations, until now, I'm just stumped on this one or I can't see the wood for the trees so to speak. Maybe I'm just hoping that someone will say something that clicks with me and I can say to myself, 'of course, why didn't I see that', you never know!

  PCOL 23:36 01 Dec 2012

dr yes, about 30 minutes is about right (depends on the Windows updates), no BOSD's, when the blue screen has happened just locks up the computer and does a dump, can find no trace of dump after. Always start with a completely formatted drive, use Hard Drive Manager to format to NTFS, no partitions. Guess I should give the hardware details since it's quite a old system (just in case someone knows of a compatibility issue with W7):

HDD1 Samsung 500GB Windows XP Pro service pack 3 (32 bit)installed HDD2 Samsung 500GB Windows 7 service pack 1 (64 bit) installed DVD RW 1 Optiarc 7191S DVD RW 2 Optiarc 7192S Intel 6750 Dual core CPU 2.66GHz (running at 3.2GHz and has happily been running there for the last five years) 2 x 2GB Corsair DDR2 800 (running at 827) in dual channel mode GTX560 1GB O/C version graphics Arctic 750W PSU

Thanks you to all out there, I'll keep up with the post's for now, I would like to find an answer, but I have other PC matters that need my attention right now. Please keep me informed if you wish.

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