Encrypting links when sending them? Opinions ?

  JordanMihailov 16:19 24 Jan 2017

Hi all, recently I needed to do that so that I can send my drawings (mainly for approval) more secured. I’ve come across and used that site: click here give my your opinion about if it is any good because i honestly have no knowledge in that field. I’ll appreciate your feedback.


  Forum Editor 17:49 24 Jan 2017

If you are worried about unauthorised copying of your drawings, protecting the urls is a good idea. If you run your own site somewhere, you can do it easily enough yourself by using an htaccess file on the server and providing authorised users with a password.

  Burn-it 20:30 24 Jan 2017

What format are your drawings in, what tool do you use to create them and where do you keep them. I ask because I don't see how an encrypted web address is going to help?

  Forum Editor 22:47 24 Jan 2017

I assumed from the original question that these drawings are uploaded to a website for approval by purchasers, and you want to stop unauthorised access to them.

Is that wrong? if it is, why are you asking about links?

  Burn-it 14:04 25 Jan 2017

If people can see them, they can copy them!

  Forum Editor 14:14 25 Jan 2017


"If people can see them, they can copy them!"

That's not necessarily true. It's possible to stop the right-click 'copy' option on a website image, and I assume JordanMihailov wants to do something similar, which is why I asked my question. In fact, it's possible to disable the entire right-click context menu, so nobody can get the image by any means.

Protecting images is straightforward, but there are different options for different needs. One of them is to send someone a link to an image file that triggers an htaccess password challenge. That method is widely used by artists who want to protect their copyright. The image can only be viewed by someone who knows the url and has the password.

  Burn-it 14:22 25 Jan 2017

Does that stop a screen print to file??

  Forum Editor 14:27 25 Jan 2017

There is a javascript method to stop screen-print being used, but we're getting ahead of things. Let's allow JordanMihailov to respond with more information, then I'll know how best to help.

  Burn-it 14:30 25 Jan 2017

Surely there are better ways of doing it rather than putting them up for everyone to see if they are that secret. And if he is having to inform people that they are there or changed, then a link to the files on a server is just as easy to send. Making the problem and then tryiing to solve it is surely not the way to go.

  Forum Editor 14:40 25 Jan 2017

"Surely there are better ways of doing it rather than putting them up for everyone to see if they are that secret."

Which is exactly what I proposed in my very first response.

This is getting a tad irritating - let's do as I suggested and allow JordanMihailov to respond. Then I'll suggest the best method to meet his needs.

  JordanMihailov 15:42 25 Jan 2017

I use .dwg files created with Autodesk autocad. Quite often the size of the files that has to be sent are more than 100-200 mb because of containing hi res pictures and other files attached to the main file.

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