encryped folders aren't

  cfin 21:30 01 Jul 2013

Using Windows 7 Pro 64bit at work. For privacy purposes I'd like to encrypt my private folder, subfolders & files. So, (per the Window Help instructions) I right-click the folder, choose Properties, General, Advanced. Check the box "Encrypt contents to secure data", click OK. It takes a few minutes, then the folder and file names turn green. But, all the files are still visible and accessible just as before. Even if they weren't, someone could just reverse the process by unchecking the Encrypt box. I don't get it- how does this secure the data? Thanks!

  northumbria61 21:45 01 Jul 2013
  northumbria61 21:48 01 Jul 2013

Or you could try something like TRUECRYPT which you can download from here enter link description here

  cfin 21:51 01 Jul 2013

northumbria61 reply does not answer the question.

  northumbria61 21:56 01 Jul 2013

Okay - I see what your problem is because I have just tried the same thing and get the same result as you - files are still visible. I have never used encryption before so I don't have a solution to this but I have no doubt someone else will have.

  northumbria61 22:13 01 Jul 2013

This tutorial shows you what you need to do with TRUECRYPT enter link description here

  jaywoo 22:34 01 Jul 2013

The encryption protects files associated with your account - anyone who sits at your machine while you're logged in can get at them, but if they tried to access your files from another account or took the hard-drive out to access files that way, the encryption would prevent them from doing so. It's worth noting that if you ever forget the password and need to use a reset disc to reset it to a blank one, you can lose access to any encrypted files for good.

Another recommendation for Truecrypt from me, I use it to protect personal data in Dropbox.

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