Emoticons not displaying as graphics now

  AroundAgain 23:15 10 Jul 2018

Windows 10 v1803

I've just noticed the emoticons I type in emails, ie ;) are not displaying as graphics. I've only just discovered this, this evening and I couldn't say for how long this has been the case, I have to say.

I use Thunderbird so was thinking it was a Tb issue but, on checking Windows Mail, I notice now that they don't display as graphics on Mail either.

I have to admit to already posting on the Mozilla forums, initially thinking it was Thunderbird having a problem but now I'm thinking it's likely to be a Windows thing, or is it likely to be anything to do with my server, or anything else?

I'd be very grateful for any help or advice, please. Many thanks

  rdave13 11:28 11 Jul 2018

I don't know if this link can give you some clues.

  rdave13 11:36 11 Jul 2018

Sending emoticons from out look. com to gmail the element shows font-family: "Segoe UI Emoji",sans-serif; .

  AroundAgain 17:52 11 Jul 2018


Thanks for your responses. I can now clarify this issue a bit further. I've checked, by sending myself emails, that on my Laptop and Linx device, both running same version and build of Windows 10, are OK re displaying smilies in email, although these have been checked in Windows Mail

So, it's only the PC that has this issue and the same issue is with Thunderbird (default), Outlook and Mail. Therefore, I consider this is just isolated in my PC, and not to any particular email client.

Obviously, this changes things a bit so I'm now looking for the reason for this happening on my PC in general.

Many thanks for all your help. As always, it's very much appreciated :)

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