emails going straight into trash

  conrail 17:41 06 May 2017

using windows 10 home, virgin email addresses and incredimail plus a googlemail email address which I view via google mail, a couple of weeks aga I reset my HP pavilion laptop not to a factory reset but reset windows leaving all my files intact, since this has happened all my emails go straight into my deleted files folder, the strange thing is that checking emails on myvirgin and gmail the same thing happens, I have contacted incredimail/virgine & google mail, all have been unable to help, which makes me think it is a laptop problem, can anybody shed any light on this problem please, all help and advice appreciated

  [DELETED] 19:50 06 May 2017

To be honest I have no idea why this happens but rebootng the PC a few times corrects irregularities like this in Win 10. Shutting down does not work.

  conrail 20:05 06 May 2017

thanks rdave13, I have shut down at the end of each day but I will try rebooting in a couple of days when I have time, I will keep you informed, again thanks for your help

  Govan1x 20:08 06 May 2017

Probably set the security to high on them. I have mine set to high where most junk e-mail is caught but some safe mail as well.

I can also set it to no filtering or low filtering or safelist only. Most email providers will probably have the same settings so just check to see what is chosen.

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