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  conrail 14:19 22 May 2009

running vista home premium 64bit, 4 Gb RAM, trying to email pictures, almost finished when I get either a time out message or told that the program has been terminated, done a search and found this click here, I seem to be doing what it says but when dragging my photos onto windows mail nothing happens with shrink pic, it does not process the photos and they are attached as they are, the photos are jpegs, all help gratefully accepted

  chub_tor 14:59 22 May 2009

When emailing pictures in Vista 32bit I click on the picture and then either use Send To, Mail Recipient or on the Icon in the header of the pictures folders saying Email. Either way a box comes up asking what size you want the picture sent at and gives four choices plus Original Size. I have never had to use third party software for shrinking pictures to a suitable size for emailing in Vista.

  Kevscar1 20:13 22 May 2009

send it as an attachment

  conrail 22:05 22 May 2009

thanks chub_tor, that has worked in reducing the photos in windows mail, in the shrink pic screen it still shows as processed 0 files
thanks Kevscar, tried your suggestion 1st, it did not reduce them

  chub_tor 09:18 23 May 2009

From the Shrink Pic website:

Supported platforms
Shrink Pic runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP

It looks as if Vista is not supported in either 32bit or 64bit forms. As I said, I have never had any problems with the regular way of sending pics.

  Kevscar1 10:42 23 May 2009

There a free program called Irfanview. You can reduce the size. Load your pictues ibto that go to Image and there is an option to resize/resample. Use that then save them.

  conrail 12:29 23 May 2009

thanks chub_tor, that is probably why although it shrinks the photos it does not show it has done it
thanks Kevscar, I will look into that, I have tried Picasa3 which did the also did the job

  mooly 12:44 07 Jun 2009

You can shrink a picture in Vista but it's a bit trial and error until you get the feel of it. Sorry if you already know this.
Open the piccy in photo gallery as normal and click file and make a copy. Open the copy with paint and select under view "image resize/skew" where the option to reduce the image is given. If it's a 2 or 3 mb piccy try 20% for the horizontal and vertical sizes. Save the piccy and see what size it's ended up at.
That's what I use to attach photos to an email... not Windows Mail by the way.

  conrail 21:50 15 Jun 2009

thanks for reply mooly, sorry to have taken so long in replying, mother in law has been taken to hospital so visiting taken up a lot of time. also very tiring

  mooly 07:42 16 Jun 2009

No problem... hope everything goes OK.

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