Email with win7 IE8

  woody 15:25 30 Jun 2009

I have tried live mail/hotmail but still prefer OE.
Why if it works change it!
I can go back to IE7/OE but what will you guys use now/when OE is no more?

  gazzaho 21:40 01 Jul 2009

If/when I decide to change to Win 7 I guess I'll give Thunderbird a try. I agree totally, MS seem hell bent on changing or removing what isn't broken, while ignoring the obvious.

Web mail in the form of Google mail or Hot mail may be good for keeping track of emails over a range of differently owned machines, if you own a desktop and notebook for instance. I check all my important email from my desktop using Windows Mail and use web mail (I'm not so sure about security with a web mail account) for less important emails and spam trapping.

I've used OE from the beginning and it's always done what I want without fuss, Windows Mail was OE with new clothes but again no fuss. Now with Win 7 I'm going to have to either use something I'm not keen on in the form of web mail or learn another application in the form of Thunderbird or similar.

  Rob_08 22:41 01 Jul 2009

reason why i wont be moving from XP. MS seem keen to ruin all that was good about Windows.

  Pine Man 10:55 02 Jul 2009

I used OE when I was running XP and when I changed to Vista I didn't like Windows Mail (but loved Vista!) so I started using Outlook and have continued to use it with windows 7. It's probably a bit over engineered for what I need but I get on with it fine.

All of you guys seem to be annoyed at Microsoft changing things but that is progress surely. If not I could still be using Windows 3.11 with DOS 6.22! It was stable and worked ok for me ;-))

  gazzaho 16:35 02 Jul 2009

I understand what you're saying about progress, and agree. As far as I'm aware your choice of email client is only available however in MS Office. Not everyone has this suite of software, or for that matter can afford it, plus as you say it's a bit over engineered for casual use, that's why OE Express was made available in the first place as a cut down version of the Office application, and as an email client for windows users that didn't have MS Office.

Windows 7 RC is not the final product and I'm hoping that MS will decide to incorporate Windows Mail into it for retail, but I doubt they will. I also can't understand why you didn't like Mail, as I said it's OE express with new clothes, I myself can't see a lot of difference between it and OE Express.

If MS want to progress things then why remove a useful application from the system without offering an alternative other than a web based option? As I see it now a lot of people that used to use OE Express will surely jump ship and use Thunderbird on purchasing Windows 7, Something Mozilla are, no doubt, happy with. I guess MS know what they're doing,after all Windows 7 wouldn't be with us this early if they hadn't made a complete cock up of the Vista release.

Don't get me wrong, in my opinion Vista isn't as bad as they make out, at least as far as home usage is concerned. I myself prefer it to XP, for starters I've had far fewer problems in the year I've been using it than I know I would have had using XP. For that reason I'll not be diving on the Windows 7 upgrade waggon immediately.

  Pine Man 16:43 02 Jul 2009

If I hadn't got Office 2007 I would certainly have stuck with Windows Mail but it always seemed to be very slow compared with Outlook Express.

I have been using Windows 7 for about a month and I am completely sold on it. What is confusing is the announcement that in it's final version not only will it not have a Mail program but it won't have a browser either! How the hell do you download a browser without a browser??

  Teaboy 18:14 02 Jul 2009

Pine Man

How do you download a browser without a browser?

Very good point! How do you?

This problem must slow down the purchase of windows 7 considerably.

for myself I must have it, as it's the lastest thing on the block, but without a browser! I shalln't sleep nights.

  Teaboy 18:28 02 Jul 2009

PineMan 2

I bought my computer from Mesh. I have sent them an email asking if they have a solution to the browser question.

  gazzaho 19:17 02 Jul 2009

I have to agree it takes a while to start but once running it works identically to Outlook Express.

Regarding the browser issue in Win 7, I presume it's to do with European laws, I would imagine there will be some sort of installation option on which browser you wish to install. Something like the option you get on computers with no OS disks asking you to burn backup recovery DVD's.

Once you select which browser, Firefox, IE8, or whatever then it downloads/installs the browser. The only problem I have with this theory is not having an Internet connection, but then why would you need a browser without one.

  Strawballs 22:25 02 Jul 2009

Before you get rid of the system that you are using now download it and put it to disc.

  Teaboy 17:01 03 Jul 2009


Good thinking- But compatible?

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