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Email Threat. Is this genuine?

  twitcher2 19:12 17 Feb 2018

Today I received the following email:-

"Good morning! You have loaded my maleficent software by chance. My malware encrypts your drives with AES-256/AES-192. After cipher this maleficent software may block your system with no possibility to save data. Reserve copy will lead to the freezing. As you understood its a cryptolocker. In case if you want to continue using of your hardware and files pay me 155 euro in BTC(cryptocurrensy). I accept only total sum. After transaction I am going to provide you manual which will help you to eliminate my ransomware. This is my btc address - 1AriDwbQEdDtJaD5sYWFcvEebHftNn7A53 You have 24 h. after reading this text."

Is this a genuine threat or a scam?

  Secret-Squirrel 19:44 17 Feb 2018

Is this a genuine threat or a scam?

Because you received this by email it's almost certainly a scam so you can delete it and forget about it.

If however that message appeared on your screen and you found your personal files inaccessible then that would be a genuine threat.

  twitcher2 20:20 17 Feb 2018

Thanks for that. I had assumed that a genuine threat would have frozen my files and THEN demanded a ransom to unlock them. I did try Kaspersky but their site had crashed! Looks like I wasn't the only recipient. Thanks again for your reassurance.

  commute 22:30 17 Feb 2018

Just wondering if you use any program like Mailwasher which lets you check emails on your server before you try to download them; lets you decided what emails you want to download to your computer and what to reject ( without 'bouncing' )

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