Email spam and spam spam email

  martd7 13:54 21 Sep 2018

I know this probably sounds daft but since changing my browser to Chrome im receiving 7-10 spam mails a day,before Chrome i was on Internet explorer and receive 2 a week

Is there a decent app to stop this?

Im on windows 7,Chrome browser and gmail account ive had for 7years

  martd7 11:00 22 Sep 2018


  lotvic 11:15 22 Sep 2018

It's more likely a coincidence that you've had a sudden influx of spam.

Use the Gmail spam filters. Login to Gmail and mark the offending emails as spam.

  martd7 11:20 22 Sep 2018

Thanks Lotvic I've done that, then I start receiving a load of different ones all

  lotvic 11:42 22 Sep 2018

I think you'll just have to ride it out, that's the nature of spam once your address is on spammers lists. They should reduce over time as new lists begin to be used.

I presume you know to never respond and not to click on any links to 'unsubscribe' as that will tell them that your address is live.

  KEITH 1955 12:47 22 Sep 2018

lotvic is right , regardless of what email program or browser you use , one way or another a spammer or a spam bot program will get you , I know its a pain in the butt , I use mozilla thunderbird email , you can have as many email accounts as you want on it.

I have a bt email address as well as a gmail address on it , my gmail was getting 20 junk hits a day so I made a second gmail address , even before I used the new one I got 10 junk in 1 day.

An obvious spam email is one that appears as sent from you to you think about it !

As an extra security against spam if I see an odd subject line from somebody I know I ring them up , this once saved me from grief as the person said they had not sent me anything.

Me and the wife don't have separate user accounts but we do say to each other are you supposed to be getting an email from xyz about subject xyz.

FINALLY , don't use a spare pc to open emails you are curious about because as lotvic said you will be sending a signal back that your email address really does exist.

  martd7 13:07 22 Sep 2018

No I never open them if it's unknown to me I'll delete them

  lotvic 13:55 22 Sep 2018

In Thunderbird you can read and view source of emails without opening them.

Highlight the email, then on toolbar menu bar Select View | Message Source

  lotvic 14:04 22 Sep 2018

MJS WARLORD, happy as it makes me that you agree with my words of wisdom, I did not say -

Quote "don't ... open emails you are curious about because as lotvic said you will be sending a signal back that your email address really does exist"

  martd7 14:22 22 Sep 2018


I'll just continue and mark the email as spam like you say it should reduce over time

  Govan1x 10:54 23 Oct 2018

You could buy Mailwasher or I believe they do a free version also.There are others that you can try but mailwasher springs to mind for me.

I find even blacklisting some spam e mails does not help. others seem to take there place.

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