Email Issue

  bloodnock 14:37 17 Aug 2013

HI, I have two PC's attached by WiFi to my home hub, ne Runs Vista and the New One Runs Windows 7 64 bit.

The new one performed emails fine until yesterday, but now when I try and type text into the BT yahoo email address address box or type text into the Main body of the email no Text appears, I Can see the Cursor showing where thext should go but nothing happens when i start to type. this happens both in Firefox and IE 10.

Yet on my old Vista PC using the same BT yahoo Email account and BT hub it works just fine.

Seems like the problems local to my 64 bit Windows 7 Pc. No problem with my googlemail account as it functions just as it should on the same PC.

I have Uninstalled and reinstalled, IE 10 and Mozilla to no avail, I even uninstalled and reinstalled BT Home hub and BT yahoo itself..still no use.

I also tried a system restore to when it worked fine..still no good.

It worked ok until yesterday. Ive Contacted BT help and they say its an Email issue with the server...but thats tommy rot as My old Vista Laptop carries out all Email processes with no problem.

Any body any Idea why this PC is affected only and what fix might be available?


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