email hacked cannot access hotmail

  montemolar 12:56 16 Nov 2018

Yesterday I got one of those scam emails to my hotmail account where they said they had my password ( a very old one no longer in use ) saying they had proof of me visiting adult sites and wanted britcoin in 48 hours...i just deleted it.

Today I can get into one of my other hotmail accounts but not this one ( although I can on my phone ) all I get is Error 401: Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials

Now a google search shows hotmail may have issues at the moment but why am I able to get into my other account but not this one ? Have I been hacked or locked out ?


  lotvic 16:50 16 Nov 2018

You can't have been locked out if you can still get into the email account on your phone.

I notice on office 365 service status via click here there are some email problems.

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