Editing Volume Control Right Click Menu.

  vorexjoe 00:52 12 May 2018

Hi there, Recently in the new windows update the volume control/mixer has changed a lot. You used to be able to right click and select either playback or recording and it would take you to the menu. but now you have to click 'sounds' then go over to playback or recording. Does anybody know if there is a way to change the directory to where this button leads and change the name so i can add playback and recording onto the menu for easy access as im always changing my inputs. Thanks, Joe.

  vorexjoe 12:50 12 May 2018

I was hoping to add it to the menu at the bottom as it would be a lot easier than typing mmsys.cpl in run all the time. Thank you though!

  rdave13 13:17 12 May 2018

No idea if this works or not - never tried it, click here .

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