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Edit text in an image in Word 2007

  TN 15:04 02 Jan 2020

Some time ago I downloaded an image with a space in the centre of it. I inserted 5 lines of text into the space. After using it I saved it in Word 2007 as a .docx file. This week I wanted to make a couple of changes to the date etc but cannot get access to any of the text to amend them. If anyone has a method fo doing this I will be sincerely grateful BUT I am an 83 year old who won't be able to do anything too complicated!

  Pine Man 15:19 02 Jan 2020

Need a bit more info really.

What sort of file was it and what program did you use to open that file and then insert text into it before saving it as a .docx file?

  wee eddie 16:57 02 Jan 2020

Do you still have the original picture?

What method did you use to insert the Text, and with which software?

  TN 18:07 03 Jan 2020

No the image is not still on the internet: I downloaded it and put it into Word 2007. I used the Text Box insert and added the necessary test. After printing the result I saved it in Word 2007 which allocated a .docx to the name. Now I cannot find any method of getting into the text and I have tried saving the image (I cannot separate the test from the picture) and save it as a .doc but still cannot get into the text to edit it

  wee eddie 18:09 03 Jan 2020

Just a wild thought. Can you click on the Text Box, it should still be there

  TN 18:54 03 Jan 2020

sorry Wee Eddie - I tried clicking with left and right button but all I got was a drop down with delete, Cut, copy and paste etc.

  john bunyan 19:30 03 Jan 2020

If you had Photoshop it could be done. In Windows 10 you could use Paint to select the box, delete the old text and insert new. Hopefully the file might open in paint


edit or delete text

You may have to convert the .docx file to .jpeg first: see

convert to jpg

Make a safe copy first and keep it safe

  laragipson123 05:15 04 Jan 2020

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  john bunyan 06:43 04 Jan 2020


This was from a first time poster ; suspect spam.! I Would not follow the link

  Pine Man 14:47 04 Jan 2020

I am using the latest version of Word and if I insert a graphic into the page I can then insert Word Art, where only the text will show on top of the graphic, or a Text Box where the text will show in a box and obscure the graphic.

  TN 15:09 04 Jan 2020

Thanks Pine Man but I am using Word 2007! Which is a lot older than yours (and cheaper) so I do not have the ability in my copy to get the text like that - many thnaks anyway for your time: I think I'll just have to download a similary image and start again. Many thanks to everyone who helped me.

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