Edge versus other browsers; viruses?

  Laurence WM 10:12 02 Feb 2016

I am currently living in an area with poor broadband. The speeds at which the different browsers load varies. Chrome has been extremely slow. Now Firefox is getting slower. Edge is quicker.

In the past I've been told to avoid Internet Explorer because it carries far more viruses than the other browsers. Do people still advise avoiding Edge? Any other pros or cons?

Thanks, Laurence

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:21 03 Feb 2016

Forget security as far as browsers are concerned

Browsers just display web content on your PC. Some browsers do it faster than others.

Hackers load virus and malware in web content such as a Flash images or videos. Some sites are notorious for infected content. Hence WOT and programs like spywareblaster that will block the site from openign in your browser.

Your antimalware. antivirus and firewall are there to block these things being download if detected. So if you have good security there is no need to worry.

  Laurence WM 10:43 04 Feb 2016

Thanks for that helpful advice, Fruitbat!

Cheers, Laurence

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