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Edge versus other browsers; viruses?

  Laurence WM 10:12 02 Feb 2016

I am currently living in an area with poor broadband. The speeds at which the different browsers load varies. Chrome has been extremely slow. Now Firefox is getting slower. Edge is quicker.

In the past I've been told to avoid Internet Explorer because it carries far more viruses than the other browsers. Do people still advise avoiding Edge? Any other pros or cons?

Thanks, Laurence

  Forum Editor 11:13 02 Feb 2016

Browsers don't 'carry' viruses.

The way that you get viruses via the internet is by visiting sites which drop them into your computer via the browser, and that can happen whichever browser you use.

I spend a great deal of time using the internet every day, I use Chrome, because in my view it's the best. It is no slower than any other browser I've used, and I have never once picked up a virus infection when using it.

Microsoft Edge is not, in my opinion, anything like as good as Chrome but that may just be me - you get used to a browser, and you tend to stick with it.

The most popular browser by far is Internet Explorer, over 43% of all internet users run it.

Edge has just 3% of the market at the moment - it hasn't been well received.

  Laurence WM 12:19 02 Feb 2016

Thanks a lot for this useful information, Forum Editor.

Are you saying that security is not an issue when choosing between browsers?

  wee eddie 13:30 02 Feb 2016

Lawrence: Security only becomes a problem the moment you log onto the Internet

  Laurence WM 17:46 02 Feb 2016

Yes, but you evidently don't advise not logging on at all!

One can overreact or underreact to the dangers, and react effectively or ineffectively.

  wee eddie 18:19 02 Feb 2016

I spend a disproportionate portion of my spare time, that which I am not Curling, on the Net. Both my PC and Mobile Phone are protected by reputable Anti Virus programs. The PC by Kaspersky and the Mobile by AVG.

Other than that Regular Scans with CCleaner and Malwarebytes are the basis of my Security.

  Laurence WM 11:29 03 Feb 2016

^^ Thanks eddie. That's similar to what I've got.

^ Thanks rdave. I use WOT, it's definitely good. A nuisance that it's not available for Edge.

Can people confirm security is not an issue when choosing between browsers? This contradicts what someone knowledgeable told me a few years ago, as I recall.

Thanks, Laurence

  wee eddie 11:54 03 Feb 2016

Lawrence: Hackers and Teenagers with nothing better to do than get back at Society that has left them without Millionaire status, will forever be trying to cause mayhem.

The Browser with the most people using it, will be the most attractive to Hackers, so it makes sense to avoid it. However, if you use a smaller faster Browser, gradually people will migrate toward it, therefor it becomes more attractive over time.

There is no real best. It is a matter of opinion and which suits you best. Good Security should, more or less, protect you.

  Laurence WM 12:05 03 Feb 2016

ok thanks Eddie. So the browser does make a difference when it comes to chances of hacking. I think that must be what my old friend meant.

  Laurence WM 12:19 03 Feb 2016

So I'm still confused about what security issues are a matter of the browser, what ones just a matter of the site, regardless of browser, as Forum Editor wrote about viruses in the first reply.


  wee eddie 13:52 03 Feb 2016

Yeah, there is no fun/benefit in being known as the person that hacked the Browser that no one uses!

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