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edge browser default search engine

  conrail 09:28 21 May 2020

not sure if this post should be in windows or beta testing forums, so if wrong apologies, using windows 10 home, trying edge browser after reading good reports, updated to edge beta version, set as default browser, I have gone to settings/privacy and services/address bar and set my default search engine to duckduckgo and deleted all other search engines, yet when I search for anything the result keeps coming up using bing, yet bing has definitely been deleted, all help, suggestions, advice appreciated

  Pine Man 10:05 21 May 2020

Bit of a long shot but have you considered malware?

Try running malwarebytes and see if it helps.

  conrail 13:21 21 May 2020

thank you Pine Man, run malwarebytes, restarted laptop, verified settings re search engine, still only duckduckgo not only set as default but only search engine, tried a search and bing brought up results

  x13 15:13 21 May 2020

It might be the Bing Search redirect virus. If it only affects Edge beta I would consider uninstalling it with something like Geek uninstaller . Remove everything related with Edge beta and the uninstaller will remove the registry entries. The old Edge will reappear. Check if you can set Google as default in that. If ok then reinstall the production version of Edge chromium from here click here .

If still having issues have a look at the removal guide here.

  conrail 17:02 21 May 2020

thank you x13, have done as you say, unfortunately there is no other option than bing in edge, add is greyed out, I have done a search for 'Bing Search redirect' and it can't find anything, will revert to firefox, appreciate your help x13 and yours Pine Man, thank you

  wee eddie 17:15 21 May 2020

As I understand it, every Browser has a default Search Engine.

Edge is produced by Microsoft, as is Bing. Why is anyone surprised by they're being linked.

I have a link to DuckDuckGo on my Task Bar.

1 click - Job done

  x13 17:26 21 May 2020

It's jus odd that conrail can't change the default search engine that I can do. I can also change the default search in the address bar as well.

  conrail 19:36 21 May 2020

thank you wee eddie and x13, be easier to stick to firefox

  Old Deuteronomy 20:14 21 May 2020

s I understand it, every Browser has a default Search Engine.

I use Opera, it defaults to Google but the choice of default browser is still entirely up to me.

  wee eddie 20:18 21 May 2020

I use Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Each of them has its plus points

  conrail 09:49 22 May 2020

thanks wee eddie, ewinstalling edge beta but trying your idea of duckduckgo on taskbar

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