E-Mail attachement Not Opening sent from LaptopW7 to DesktopW7?

  platters 12:07 14 Jan 2014

I have installed Windows 7 on a new hard drive in my laptop.(the old hard drive just stopped completely)My old OS was XP.If I open now say Marks & Spencer and look at trousers on the laptop and then forward the open page that I am looking at to my desktop for ordering that page will not open on my desktop.It gives the location etc on the page that has arrived but instead of the lettering turning blue it just remains black and I cannot open the page.Looking at any page and opening on my old XP worked fine.When I forwarded to my desktop(W7)from XP it all opened up o/k.

  ened 05:57 15 Jan 2014

Highlight and copy (Ctrl C) the address of the M&S page. In the body of the email click on Insert-Hyperlink and paste the address in there.

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