DVD\DVRW Drive Doesn't Recognise Blank CD-Rs

  BEARBEE 17:38 10 Jul 2010

As the title says, no matter what software I use, and I have tried WMP 11, Nero and Infrarecorder, everytime I try to burn tracks to CD-R or CD-RW I get to the stage where it asks for a blank disc, I put the disc in and it either says insert a blank disc, no disc or the program stops with a Program Not Responding message. I have tried uninstalling the drivers, tried all the programs, removed upper and lower filters, disabled all enhancements in sound category of control panel but still no joy, I have established that it appears to be a common problem but I am yet to find a solution.
I'm tearing my hair out here, please solve this for me !

  Kevscar1 11:25 11 Jul 2010

Are you using -R -RW discs. Your machine will not recognise +R +RW discs

  BEARBEE 13:32 11 Jul 2010

Yes, as my original post stated, I have tried CD-R and CD-RW blank discs and the same happens.

  Kevscar1 07:34 12 Jul 2010

But have you tried +R +RW older drives could only recognise - or + not both. Had that problem myself.

  BEARBEE 15:23 12 Jul 2010

Yes, I have tried +R and +RW as well, still the same outcome.

  BEARBEE 18:18 13 Jul 2010

Update on this, I was fiddling with the settings within media player, I disabled the nero plug-in and turned the burn speed down to the lowest and inserted a blank disc in the drive that it now recognised, it then started to go through the process of analysing all the 10 tracks on the burn list, it then showed them all as 'pending', next it converted the first track successfully and stopped, it then gave an error message which pointed to the burn speed being too high, yet when I checked the disc it had successfully burned the first track onto the disc ?
I hope this gives more clues to you guys because it has totally flumoxed me now - anyone ?

  BEARBEE 11:27 19 Jul 2010

Ok here's the update - After much frustration I decided that it must be the drive itself that was faulty, problem with that was that it was an SCSI drive that are not too readily available, so I went to the local computer fair and purchased a SATA adapter for the PCI slot and installed it along with the software, next we put a SATA DVDRW in the place where the old SCSI one was and connected her up, we then rebooted and tried to burn a disc....and Robert is most definately your Dads brother - success !

Thanks kevcar for the contribution, much appreciated.

  BEARBEE 11:28 19 Jul 2010


  tullie 13:08 19 Jul 2010

You have to tick the resolved box,then click the word resolved.

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