DVD problem on an HP laptop

  Mr. Chips 17:21 21 Nov 2012

I have an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop running Windows7. The DVD drive has stopped working. Rather than have the laptop repaired, I purchased an USB Liteon DVD aTAU108. It is nice and shiny, but it will not PnP install.

The device manager shows both installations with the dreaded '!' mark against them. (I have tried disabling the existing HP CD drive before plugging in the Liteon.)

Trouble-shooting advises me :- "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)" (Windows knowledge bank on this hasn't helped!)

I don't fancy running a registry cleaner, if I can help it. I would rather try and delete the suspect line in the registry. How can I find out where the line is please?

... Or any other thing that I might be able to do to resolve the problem.

  rdave13 23:42 21 Nov 2012

Try deleting the original DVD drive in device manager, accept the warning, then go to the Action tab and select " Scan for hardware changes". Check if Windows can now see it and installed the generic drivers.

If that fails try running the system file checker, Option 2

It sounds like a system error, possibly not the optical drive, so if the above fixes the original drive then you'll have a spare USB one.

  Mr. Chips 08:36 23 Nov 2012

Thbaks I did try dRave13's suggestions, and finally ran sfc three times, but have not had any luck.

I shall now take a look at Dr Yes's suggestions ... thank you.

  rdave13 09:08 23 Nov 2012

You might need to delete the upperfilter and lowerfilter if showing in the registry editor. click here.

To find the DVD drive's key go to device manager, select the DVD drive and right click, select properties, details tab, open the dropdown menu and select 'driver key'. Should show something like '{4d36e965-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0000'. Follow the instructions in the link. You will have a long list with similar key showing but when you select the right key,then you will see CDROM showing on the right hand side in the registry editor.

  Mr. Chips 09:14 23 Nov 2012

Thanks Dr yes. ... Looked and run Mr. Fixit .. It suggested that I removed the CD from the laptop. This was something I had thought of doing before ... so I loosened about 20 small screws from the back, but didn't have enough nerve to apply enough pressure to break the bond between the back casing and the machine. ... so I did them up again!

OK, Now I will take a further look along Rdave13's suggestion. Would it be safe to delete the line when I find it? ... in your opinion.

Thank you both for your time and effort in trying to help me.

  Mr. Chips 09:19 23 Nov 2012

RDave13 .... I just realised, .... part of my problem is that the CD is not registering as a device up in my File Explorer window ... I cannot therefore Right Click it . Is there another route to do the same thing?

  rdave13 09:25 23 Nov 2012

You can right click Upperfilters and lowerfilters (in the right hand pane) or one of them if only one showing, to delete. If none showing then close the registry editor as the fix won't work.

  rdave13 09:27 23 Nov 2012

Does it show in device manager with an exclamation mark by it?

  rdave13 09:31 23 Nov 2012

This is a list of device class GUID (, similar key to the one I posted) click here

  rdave13 09:42 23 Nov 2012

If you eventually find that the DVD drive is physically broken then there's a small section in this you tube video showing how to remove the optical drive. you tube

  Mr. Chips 10:01 23 Nov 2012

Wow ... thanks for all the information. I would like to get on with this right away, but I have to take the widow next door to Currys to help her buy a DVD recorder.

I will get onto it when I get back.

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