DVD films on vista

  sunny staines 22:17 25 Jul 2008

My only bug bear with vista is media player. Just had some dvd's from amazon arrive they play ok on xp laptop.

but on vista ultimate one dvd drive will not play them [drive a few years old] the other drive plays ok for about 5 minutes then freezes. tried restart, latest nvidia driver installed plus k-lite codec latest non beta version, tried some other film dvd's daughter had same problems.
device manager says ok. the older dvd player is region free the other is set region 2 never been changed.

any advice please.

  rdave13 01:23 26 Jul 2008

Since I have the divx codecs and player I have had no problems playing any DVDs on WMP11. Might not work for you but worth the download.
click here
I also have the K-Light codec package.

  mrwoowoo 02:58 26 Jul 2008

This will play anything.*crossing fingers*
click here

  ened 07:05 26 Jul 2008

Only my personal opinion but I don't like the interface.

Also when I try to use VLC it kills the Aero and changes the screen settings.

I have tried various others but found the Klite package the best because everything plays inside WMP.

click here

  sunny staines 10:29 26 Jul 2008

thanks for the replies will try the suggestions and come back. is this VLC ok with vista.

  ened 16:41 26 Jul 2008

As I said when I try to use it I get a massage informing me the display properties have been changed.

I am using Vista Ultimate 64.

  mrwoowoo 17:49 26 Jul 2008

I have had no problems with VLC and Vista.
The interface is a little different but nothing much.

  mrwoowoo 17:51 26 Jul 2008

Your aero problems are probably due to the fact that you have 64 bit Vista.
You could try running it in 32bit compatibility mode.

  sunny staines 21:10 26 Jul 2008

thanks for the input not had a chance to look at the above tips the wife's laptop has gone belly up.

i was thinking the fact that the dvd played ok for 5 mins or so before freezing would that indicate the dvd going bad rather than codecs?

also looking for a free trial of dvd software to see what difference that would make. intend to try vlc and divx first as recommended.

  sunny staines 15:40 27 Jul 2008


downloaded DivX from your link but cannot work out how to play a DVD movie with it.

When I put a dvd in DivX does not come up in the list of available players. [tried classic media player same problem with dvd freezing]. used open with option in DivX but it takes to folders on the dvd rather than play it. also used repair codecs in k-lite tools.

any more advice please could a duff dvd player cause this

  rdave13 17:00 27 Jul 2008

The Divx player only plays Divx movies but the codecs are sometimes needed. K-lite does support divx just thought original were better.
It seems a coincidence that both drives could be duff so I'd try and borrow an external usb DVD drive and try playing a video on that. If that plays ok then it's not a codec problem.

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