DVD file system showing as UDF

  conrail 10:33 27 Jun 2011

running vista home preium 64bit, trying to format DVD RW discs which are showing as UDV 2.01 (default) file system, the options are from UDF 1.50 to 2.50, they are not showing the full allocation of 4.7Gb, some wont even allow me to format them, I have never noticed this before, can somebody point me in the right direction as to what is going wrong and what have I done, if anything, all help and advice appreciated

  chub_tor 19:25 28 Jun 2011

*UDF 1.02 as first released UDF revision is know by most implementation on the market. It is used for DVD-Video for instance. UDF 1.50 defect management makes it the usual choice for CD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RW (except MRW, as they do have defect management at hardware level) . File streams of UDF 2.00 allows to have multiple stream per file, like on NTFS. ACL and power calibration are optional features not used by InCD. Real Time Files from UDF 2.01 is useful for streaming, for instance video streaming. The metadata partition from UDF 2.50 regroups the metadata information (information about files, directory and the volume in general) in a partition on the media, so both (read) access is faster and a duplicate of this information is possible (with sector-to-sector match so a recovery software can re-build the information even if both partitions are partially damaged).*

The above was taken from a Nero Forum.

as for the capacity issue the formatted size of a standard (ie not Dual Layer) DVD -R is calculated as follows 2,298,496 sectors == 4,707,319,808 bytes == 4489.25 MB == 4.384 GB I cannot find the number of sectors on a DVD RW

See Wikipedia

  conrail 21:40 28 Jun 2011

thank chub_tor, that helps a bit although I am not 'computer savvy' to that extent, I know previously the format option was FAT then NTFS. I did try to format using UDF 2.50 but it would not accept that, I have one DVD RW that shows it has 1.3Gb in use but when I open it, the disc is shown as empty, when I install the disc into the drive it acts like it is empty and asks me what I want to do with the blank disc, but in my computer as I say it shows 1.3Gb used?

  tullie 08:01 29 Jun 2011

Why would you want to format a cd/dvd,please excuse me if ive missed something.

  chub_tor 09:48 29 Jun 2011

As I understand it regular CD/DVD Write once discs do not need formatting but Read/Write discs may do and this is often covered under the guise of erasing which performs the format automatically. I have never heard of formatting DVDs in FAT or NTFS only UDF (Universal Disc Format). This article which covers the recovery and reading of files from a DVD may help with why your disc shows as empty.

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