DVD Drive Not Recognized in My Computer

  JayDay 11:32 04 Nov 2009

A strange one. Just installed Windows 7 32 bit on my daughters laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1545.

For some reason the DVD drive and Card Reader aren't visible in My Computer. However when I stick a DVD in the drive it becomes visible for a few minutes before disappearing again! Doesn't seem to affect the functionality of the drive as I can still view DVD films or install software.

The issue is also random as sometimes when I boot up the DVD drive is shown but not the card reader, sometimes both are shown, and sometimes neither are shown.

Any ideas??

  ambra4 12:01 04 Nov 2009

Go to Dell Support site and enter the “Service Tag #” of the laptop which you will find at the

bottom of the unit

All of the drivers and firmware for that model using Windows 7 will be listed

click here

  JayDay 12:49 04 Nov 2009

Tried that, not much help, in fact no help. I am under the impression that DVD drivers are built into windows and you don't need third party drivers. This also wouldn't explain the random nature of the problem.

  ambra4 13:39 04 Nov 2009

“I am under the impression that DVD drivers are built into windows and you don't need third party drivers”

Dell does things difference you need to download all the drivers, firmware and

Applications listed for Windows 7 and install you cannot relay on Microsoft Windows 7 to have

the correct Drivers for every computer motherboard on the market

You need to upgrade the firmware for the CD/DVD drive installed on the unit

Firmware and Drivers are difference things


click here

Device Driver

click here

Under “Chipset” you will find the driver for the “Realtek RTS5158E Card Reader”

I would suggest you download ALL the drivers, firmware and Applications listed for laptop

under the Service Tag # and burn to a CD and re-install

You should also take a read on “Drivers Install Instructions” at the top of page

click here

  JayDay 13:41 04 Nov 2009


I'll give it a go. Just upgraded the BIOS, installed the latest chipset and card reader drivers still no joy. A Google search reveals this is an issue with many Inspiron 1545 owners.

  JayDay 13:57 04 Nov 2009

Bingo sorted.

Thanks ambra4

The issue was the DVD firmware, updated it now it is recognized.

For anyone else with this problem a word or advice. If you run the firmware update when the drive isn't recognized then the firmware can't detect the drive and perform the upgrade.

To get round this I put a DVD in the drive and as soon as it showed up in My Computer I ran the upgrade.

  ambra4 14:05 04 Nov 2009

Glad to hear all working again


  ambra4 05:02 05 Nov 2009

See if any of these Realtek RTS5158E Card Reader for windows 7 driver will work

click here

  mimosa418 08:56 05 Nov 2009

Have you tried going to Folder Options /View and making sure the 'hide empty drives' box is not ticked

  investa 23:11 06 Nov 2009

Thanks for this thread. It made me check my system. By following mimosa418's advice, I am able to switch between the empty drives being visible or not visible.

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