Duplicate Emails

  Wincee 14:11 08 Sep 2010


I work in an office that has 3 computers. I have allowed all computers to download emails when they come in, but for some reason they are being duplicated on each machine. I have the check box ticked to leave a copy on the server, which I believe is what I need to do to enable the other 2 computers to be allowed to download them also. Is there anyway of stopping this from happening?

  Woolwell 17:22 08 Sep 2010

If they've all got the same e-mail address then this is what will happen. If there are different e-mail addresses for each person then the settings are not right.

  peter99co 17:36 08 Sep 2010

It can be caused by having to many rules. Check for possible conflicts if you are sorting to different inboxes.

I had a filter which did this and while the first rule sent a mail to a box another filter rule applied before mail had moved and this resulted in duplicates.

  Wincee 14:06 09 Sep 2010

Ok thanks, that's what I thought the reason might be Woolwell. Cheers

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