Duel Booting Windows 8 ??

  RussB78 13:26 31 Oct 2012

Hi all,

I bought the 25 pounds upgrade from Microsoft and after a few problems installed it on my Toshiba Laptop, which now runs extremely well.

I also bought the the same Windows-Pro upgrade but on the official disk from Amazon which I wanted to Duel Boot on my Desktop, at the moment I have Windows 7 (Fairly New) as my operating system on an SSD and thought I would have the best of both Worlds with my purchases.

I also have another SSD installed on my Desktop ready for the second Windows Pro that I bought, but now find out that is not possible, this Bargain Buy has a sting in it`s tail, it will not clean install like all the other Windows OSs that I have had, and if anyone installs it over another Windows System, You can never use the upgraded Operating System again, so you have to give up one windows up to use this Windows 8.

I have The Windows 8 Pro still in the Amazon box sitting on my desk and at the moment it seems about as useful as a broken leg to a sprinter, unless anyone on the Forums knows better, of course this information was not written in any of the reviews that I read before I spent my money.

Any help most Welcome

Many Thanks


  Forum Editor 14:42 31 Oct 2012

As you have discovered, the upgrade version of Windows 8 relies on a previous Windows installation being on the machine it's installed on. All previous upgrade versions worked like that, this one is no different in that respect.

What is different with the Windows 8 upgrade is that you cannot subsequently install the previous version on a second machine.

Microsoft's rationale is that you've paid for a full licence for the earlier Windows version, and you're more likely to upgrade if you're only asked for a relatively small amount for the upgrade. You haven't paid for a license for a second installation of the previous version.

You can use your upgrade on two computers however, provided there is a properly licensed earlier version installed on each of them.

  RussB78 15:04 31 Oct 2012

Like I said in my thread, I never saw that in wrting anywhere until I recieved my order from Amazon, and I only paid £40 for Windows7 when it was released and doing a full install was no problem at all and the same applied to Windows Vista.

If potential buyers had been told about this restriction in all the reviews that were available, then the largest majority would not have bought Windows 8 and my advice to anyone now would be Make sure you really know all about the Product and the restrictions it has. I certainly would not have touched Windows 8 If all those reviews had given me all the facts.



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