Dual Display config on Dell XPS with GeForce 640

  bobford 18:02 19 Nov 2012

The GeFroce has only one port so bought a splitter and get the 2 displays but each as screen 1. I cannot get the Windows 8 or NVIDIA Control Panel to recognise that there are 2 monitors. Any one any bright ideas? Thanks

  aquatarkus 19:46 19 Nov 2012

Hi Bobford Sorry but not sure you can do what you want with a splitter. think your wanting to extend the desktop onto the 2nd monitor.

I'm not to familiar with NVidia cards as only use ATI Radeons at home try right clicking the desktop, select screen resolution it should then bring up your displays you should see a box saying Multiple displays click one of the screens and select "Extend desktop to this display"

That might work but as said not sure your splitter will allow you to do that. You will probably need either a 2nd graphics card or a new card with 2 ports either 1 x VGA and one DVI or 2 x DVI



  bobford 20:13 19 Nov 2012

Thanks for that. There are 2 HDMI ports so will try using them and a DVIU adapter and see what happens Much appreciated your thoughts

  bobford 20:17 25 Nov 2012

Managed to get it working by using HDMI :-)

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