Dual booting Vista 32 and W 7 64

  roy 17:34 06 Mar 2012

As an alternative to re-installing all my programmes etc. I have recently considered installing Windows 7.0 on one of my three harddrives. I understand that this is perfectly feasible, however, my main aim is to be able to address more ram, hence W 7.0 64 bit. Would Vista 32 still run happily with 8GB or more of memory in the mobo? The hd is 500 Gig.


  KRONOS the First 18:01 06 Mar 2012

Vista 32Bit would still just use just under 4GB and when you were using the Windows 7 64BIT as your OS then it would use the full 8GB.

You do realise that it will be necessary to install your program's on Windows 7 I have yet to have any problems with any program or game and I have the 64BIT variety.

  john bunyan 19:05 06 Mar 2012

I ran a dual boot W7 and XP for a month or two. In hindsight I would not have bothered as W7 is fine. I have the 64 bit version but 32 bit programmes install fine. As Chronus states you have to install programmes on W7

  roy 19:23 06 Mar 2012

Chronus, john bunyan

Thanks for your quick replies. That is as I hoped. I realised that I would have to install programmes to W 7 and to be honest it would be pure laziness on my part to dual boot but I need more memory to run MS Flight Simulator. At the moment it usually crashes through running out of memory any time from starting the program to perhaps 1.5 hours after.

  john bunyan 19:29 06 Mar 2012

Providing it runs in W7 64 bit ( you can check compatability) the only way to use more than 3.5 gig RAM is on a 64 bit PC. I assure you the hassle of dual booting is not a lazy approach!! Just think of the hassle of back ups!

  roy 19:30 06 Mar 2012

I will give this a bit of thought before taking any action however, another point; If I just instal W 7 as my sole OS would I have to format all my drives? Some of my programmes are installed on my D: drive whilst my third drive is used for backups at present.

  john bunyan 21:12 06 Mar 2012

Others may comment, but I have two partitions on main Drive, C and F. All my programmes and system files are on C, as I thought they sometimes interact. All my self generated data is on F. For data back ups I run a Freefiesynch or Synchtoy mirror copy. For C back up I use Acronis to image to an external Hd, and to clone the whole drive to a second drive in a removable caddy. There are other threads on this; I have not had time tonight to find them. You will have to install all programmes in W7 from original install CD's. wherever you keep them.

  roy 23:18 06 Mar 2012

john bunyan

Thanks for coming back with that info. "You will have to install all programmes in W7 from original install CD's. wherever you keep them." That's why I thought it might be easier to just create a Win 7.0/Flight sim disk or partition and leave Vista as it is. I haven't bought W 7 yet anyway so will continue mulling it over.


  john bunyan 07:44 07 Mar 2012

roy I havemt a clue on games. Maybe worth putting this or a modified version on the Games forum as other gamers will surely have come across the problem. Good luck. W7 is pretty good.

  roy 16:51 08 Mar 2012

john bunyan

Hi John, Thanks for your further post. I don't play games except Flight Sim and then only once or twice a week so I think that it would seem an expensive luxury to instal W 7.o and not use it for all my day to day use so dual booting might not be a good idea. Which version do you use? I was thinking of the Home Premium, Full Version which I believe includes discs for both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions although as I know I would require the 64 bit version to access more than 4 GB of memory buying both would probably be silly. I am aware that I cannot upgrade from a Vista 32 to a Win 7.0 64. Roy

  john bunyan 18:36 08 Mar 2012

roy I bought the Ultimate 'cos at the time ot was only £10 more than Home Premium - which I am sure will be fine. I would install the 64 bit version if your PC is ok for it as you can then use the extra RAM. When you install your other programmes, some will install in 32 bit version and work fine. In windows explorer there will be: C/ programme Files - for 64 bit programmes amd C/ Programmes(x86) for those installed in 32 bit versions. Do check that your peripherals - printer etc are compatable . You will need to download the relevant drivers when you have W7. What I did for data was to put it all in a master folder : My Documents with all its sub and sub sub folders (Music, Word, Photos etc I copied this to an external HD then copied it back after the clean install to a data partition . I also have 500 gig HD and partitioned it C: 100 gig, balance (in my case) F for data.I also have a couple of other HD's which are in removable caddies which I use for back ups. PS Do not forget W7 does not work with Outlook Express. I opted for Outlook , but do look up how to keep your eMail stuff

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