Dual booting

  Stephanie 13:44 13 Jan 2009

I have downloaded windows 7 beta and would love to try it out. I have done beta testing on other progs but never an opperating system. As I only have one PC (running vista home premium) I want to dual boot it. Do I need additional software to do this?

  darrenrichie 16:14 13 Jan 2009

Hi Stephanie

I am dual booting XP/Vista and Windows 7 beta and it is fine. Just create a new partition by following this here click here.

ALWAYS back up before doing this.

Once you have created your new partition (give yourself about 20 to 30gb) you can then install the beta on the blank partition.

If you are unsure about this then research it before carrying it out because you wouldn't want to lose any data or mess up your Vista install.
I am sure you will get any help you need on here if needed.

good luck.

  Stephanie 18:46 13 Jan 2009

I'll give it a go.

  Managing ed 10:45 14 Jan 2009

There's a link in this blog to a post on Lifehacker that's useful:

click here

  Stephanie 11:10 14 Jan 2009

Yes, I found the Lifehacker site. I'm having some problems getting Win 7 to recognise the partition I made, but I'm going to have another go this evening.

  Stephanie 16:19 17 Jan 2009

Sorry for the delay in posting back: I was struck down with the flu or something.

I've created a new primary partition for the install but win 7 says it cant see it altho' it shows it on the list. It refers me to the setup log for more information. Where will I find this? I've done a search on my main c drive but I cant find it.

The partition I'm trying to use is primary not logical so I can't see why there is a problem. Any suggestions?

  rossgolf 16:02 18 Jan 2009

click here

check out this thread

  Stephanie 23:24 18 Jan 2009

Just ran the dvd from vista. No problems so far. Both Vista and Win 7 working fine. I'm just downloading firefox.

Thanks to all of you who responded, I'll mark this thread resolved.

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