Dropped Laptop Now Errors Occur

  Youloveme123 21:33 06 Dec 2016

I dropped my laptop yestrday and it worked OK at first, little freeze here and there and audio started to skip but it was ok. Once I restarted it now the audio has an x on it and is not working nor the internet. The internet icon won't even show. I trouble shooted both and it says no problems encountered. Audio once I click playback says that Windows Audio Service is not enabled. I click yes to enable and it says no audio devices installed. I've tried backing up my laptop and I get this error, "The backup Application could not start due to an internal error: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. (0x80070422)" Upon boot up I get this error, "Error Code 0x80070426" Is it my hard drive or what? Do I just buy a new hard drive?

  Forum Editor 13:24 07 Dec 2016

"Is it my hard drive or what?"

It could be, but it could also be shock damage to another component. It would be worth taking the back covers off and checking to see if there's anything obvious before you buy a new hard drive. You don't want to spend out for that, only to find there's some other problem.

If the hard drive had failed, the machine wouldn't start, and it is starting. The error code you see is usually associated with Windows activation, and there are fixes that you can try - here's one

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