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Driver and software for Mustek 1200UB scanner

  anniesboy68 12:37 23 Oct 2016

I've probably got my head in the clouds over this, but can anybody point me in the right direction for the above title. I have searched on line but it always involves downloading a driver search programe which would end up having to pay etc. Its for windows 7 64bit

  Burn-it 13:04 23 Oct 2016

I run mine using the XP drivers, though I can't remember whether that was under a 64bit OS or not. It might even have been Puppy Linux using the XP drivers.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:35 23 Oct 2016

AB, a lot of folks turn to VueScan when drivers and scanning software are no longer available for their elderly scanner. There's a free trial version but it costs roughly £32 if you find it works well and want to keep it.

.........downloading a driver search programe ...............

It's highly unlikely that they'll help. In fact they'll almost certainly cause you problems.

  anniesboy68 13:55 23 Oct 2016

Thanks folks will retire it. It was a freebie I was given

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