[email protected] 23:48 08 Aug 2007

what the hell is that about?
i hope and pray it's a beta, having googled it it seems a tad wobbly! looks fantastic, really like the running stream ones, but god what a gimmick!
thanks jimmy14 for the links earlier a vast improvement. click here
i have thoughly enjoyed using vista this evening, as many of you know im not really that keen (and nor the millions who are running it on 'vista premium' pc's of 1 gb ram with onboard everything, it seems!)
however things seem to be leaping forward in giant bounds, this evening i dont want to look at my xp pro pc.
prior to the upgrades it was one game at a time shut down all the other programs etc, but since the upgrade i had 4 games running in windowed mode AND all the games that wouldnt instal properly are now running fine.
before too long this bored me and i simply had to try to crash it. now it was running 5 games, with a bit of slowdown, but admirably. not as fast as my xp pc with half the ram but streets ahead of what it was. so what else could i throw at it? having recently upgraded to ultimate i decided to look at dreamscene, and it seemed fine, until i wanted to run a program, 3 crashes in 5 minutes! lockups etc. the funny thing is if explorer crashes it turns itself off because it knows it's to blame! click here can m/s bundle this junk with the vista flagship?
anyway typing this i notice no missing letters so another niggle of mine ironed out!

  Jimmy14 01:07 09 Aug 2007

The Dreamscene Ultimate extra currently available is a "beta" and it is described in Ultimate Extras as a "preview" so you should expect it to work perfect when Microsoft ever decide to release the full program for Vista Ultimate.

  Kate B 11:57 09 Aug 2007

Dreamscene is indeed a bit lame - it locks up on my machine. And it makes me seasick.

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