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  crosstrainer 08:47 21 Jan 2009

...But still have concerns about Acronis TI. I don't want to remove it from my xp machine, although it's not used much these day's. I have heard that issues exist with the Boot manager..Anyone had problems with this?

  anskyber 09:13 21 Jan 2009

Can you explain a little?

Are you saying that with W7 on its own partition that Acronis is problematical when you back up the other partition(s) with Vista or XP?

  crosstrainer 09:17 21 Jan 2009

No, it's to do with the failure of 7 to install with the Acronis Boot Manager active. I have read a few threads on this invarious locations, and don't want to uninstall TI if I don't have to.

  anskyber 09:27 21 Jan 2009

I have Acronis TI version 11 and I have W7 installed successfully on a partition I created from my C Drive.

I have not used Acronis on my C drive to back up Vista since the W7 install but I have just checked if it would allow me to do so and it did. I am not bothered about it working on my W7 drive because I don't think its yet W7 compatible and its only a few months before I shall remove W7 when the Beta phase ends.

Not sure even now if I have answered your question!

  anskyber 09:30 21 Jan 2009

do you have a different version of Acronis? The boot manager in use for me is the system manager not any Acronis version.

  crosstrainer 09:30 21 Jan 2009

And that's with the Boot Manager message when you start your machine?

  Proclaimer 09:31 21 Jan 2009

I could not Boot from the Windows 7 Beta Disc. I cannot say that it was the Acronis Boot Manager that prevented this.

However, in removing the boot manager I managed to trash my MBR so I had to run a recovery on the C: drive anyway.

After that I disabled the Acronis Boot Manager and installed Windows 7 from inside XP-Pro and all is well and Dual Boot is working.

  crosstrainer 09:35 21 Jan 2009

TI 11 You get a message (during black screen BIOS boot) "Acronis boot manger press F11.

This is used in conjunction with the boot CD you make when first installing TI. I know that version 10 has it, but am unsure about any earlier versions. This is what appears to cause the issues, and I think it may be due to the FAT32 protected area that Acronis creates. It won't be the end of the world if I have to perform a clean install, but I'm pretty sure that it's not going to like SLI graphics, my wireless card, and a few other things as well.

Having said that, there isn't anything critical on it, and I can always re-install xp pro when I remove 7

  anskyber 09:44 21 Jan 2009


I've just rebooted to check and the boot manager I use is the Windows Boot Manager, I did not see any reference to Acronis Boot Manager.

I did not make a disc for Acronis because I bought the disc version rather than download and that disc is used for a boot disc.

  crosstrainer 09:48 21 Jan 2009

That's the difference, you have not activated Acronis boot manager...Your Acronis cd will not rescue you in cases of dire failure, you should really make a boot cd and activate it. It does explain the issues others are having.

I'm not putting 7 on this Vista machine as it's my everyday gaming / banking / everything PC!

Will investigate further.

  anskyber 10:09 21 Jan 2009

Thats interesting!!

When I installed TI from the install disc the instructions offered the option of installing the Rescue Media Builder (+ the Bart plug-in) The instructions said this facility is not required if a boxed product was purchased "that contains a bootable CD"

Checking again the instructions say "if you have not activated Acronis Startup Recovery Manager you should use the bootable media supplied with the retail box version. It will automatically load Acronis..."

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