Downloading multiple PDF files

  Ste Worrall 23:01 07 Sep 2016

I am trying to download a group of PDF files that are listed via links on my companies website, However I can only open one at a time, then save, and then repeat the whole process for each an every link. Is there a "Trick" I can tall my PC to do somehow and download ALL the PDF file documents listed in ONE GO, The issue being there are 40 links in the list, and to open and save them one by one would take ages. Basically ideally id like to "Select" all the links and download all the documents (PDF files) in one go.

  lotvic 11:37 08 Sep 2016

You need a download manager to be able to download multiple files as per you describe. For a single file, (depending on which browser you use the wording will be slightly different) rightclick and choose 'save link as' and that will allow you to save the file .pdf to a folder on your harddrive without opening it.

If you google for 'download a group of PDF files' you will get suggestions for, and how to use, a download manager to do the task.

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